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The Plan


I hope all is going well and your Christmas plans are coming together smoothly.

By now, many of you have heard that a Tecumseh reunion is being planned for 2011. What you may or may not know is the scope of the plan and how it is coming together...

After much discussion with various planning committees of various Tecumseh class reunions, it was decided that a reunion of the entire decade from 1970 - 1979 - any and all Alumni and Staff who attended Tecumseh during was appropriate. A couple of graduating classes will be celebrating significant year milestones this next year and a number of other classes had been talking about organizing reunions, some of which transpired and others had not.

An attempt to organize a "whole school" reunion was made earlier this year, however for various reasons it seemed only to garner a select group of mid to late 80's alumni and very few others. It did however, stir the creative and organizational powers of a core group of individuals who thought it would be a great idea to get together not only with the peers of their particular graduating class, but those of the years around them. Many of us had become fast friends with people a few years ahead and / or behind us in high school and for the most part have lost contact with many of those people over the years.

The date of the reunion is the weekend of July 23, 2011. At the moment, we have a number of venues on hold for now, but it was originally booked for the Links of Kent (old Country View Golf Club on Indian Creek Road), which was the venue for Class of 76's 30th anniversary reunion, four years ago.  The Links will hold a good number of people, however the overwhelming response we have received so far from the little effort put forth so far suggests that our upcoming reunion could very easily outgrow a number of potential venues. This will be one of the priority topics to be discussed at our first meeting.

We have put together a great core group of individuals who will make up the organizing committee (so far) and these people represent a cross section of staff and alumni from the entire decade of the 70's. Having said that, we are encouraging anyone else who is interested in contributing, not only to the decision making team but planning and execution people as well to come forward and make themselves known to us.

The first meeting of the new organizing committee will take place on Jan 8, 2011 in London at my home on Oxford Street West. If you are interested in participating, please contact me at Scott@Tecumsehreunion.com and we will include you in whatever capacity you wish to participate.

Not everyone will be able to, or even want to attend the planning meetings, but some will be able to make phone calls and follow up on contact information gathering; some will be able to scan yearbooks for publication on our website at www.Tecumsehreunion.com; others will be available for set-up and tear down at our various functions throughout the reunion weekend. There are many jobs that need to be done and this will be an enormous task, so we encourage and welcome any and all who are willing to participate.

We have a proposed schedule that will be discussed and decided upon at the meeting. As well, bookings and deposits must be made early in the year, in order that we may secure the optimum location and start laying out our plans for our reunion.

After the first meeting, we hope to have most of our basic plans nailed down. As well, we hope to be very close to determining ticket package prices for the weekend. We also hope to have a basic itinerary of weekend activities set.

We do know that Michael Alexander will be organizing an alumni basketball game, and it is our intention to have the school available to us for Friday and Saturday, with tours of the school and possibly the old grad room happening throughout that time - and maybe even a school T-Dance!

Other ideas are being bandied about, but until they are discussed and decided upon, it would not be prudent to go into them.


We need people to scan yearbooks!!

Please contact me at Scott@Tecumsehreunion.com to find out what has been done and what needs to be done.

We need people to track down contact information!

We have some phone numbers and some addresses of some people. We have hunches or leads on others. What we NEED is valid email addresses! This newsletter will be the primary vehicle for communicating with our reunion group, so valid email addresses are essential.

If you find yourself talking to someone who went to Tecumseh in the 70's, PLEASE ask for their email address above all else. You can direct them to our website for registration, however without their email address, it is nearly impossible for us to communicate with them in an effective and efficient manner.

So far, our reunion committee consists of the following people:

Michael Alexander - Class of 74

Cindy Waddick (Bonvarlez) - Class of 76

Betty Oldershaw (Bridgen) - Class of 71

Jay Brodie - Class of 1980 (attended Tecumseh during the 70's)

Cherie Hill (Campbell) - Class of 74

Sue Cummings (Walczak) - Class of 76

Arvil Kelly (Farmer) - Class of 73

Chris Foster - Class of 80

Dan Foster - Class of 76

Leo Girard - Staff

Paul Halinaty - Class of 76

Patty Stewardson (Hinnegan) - Class of 80

Jim King - Class of 81

David Macdonald - Class of 73

Brad Martin - Class of 80

Will McGarvey - Class of 71

Pat Montgomery (Oliphant) - Class of 77

Scott Primeau - Class of 76

Andy Ramsz - Class of 73

Bob Ripley - Class of 71

Randa Speller (Rossini) - Class of 72

Deb Bonnell (Springer) - Class of 77

Maxine Stevens - Staff

Cheri Emrich (Travis) - Class of 76

JoAnn Vincent (McCready) - Class of 76

Sue Eagleson (Walkom) - Class of 76

Not all people on the list above will be attending meetings. For many, their current location make travel to meetings impractical. Some will be active in attending meetings and others will be working behind the scenes to get other very important things done.

The website at www.Tecumsehreunion.com is coming together nicely. It has been transformed from a website that once housed the contents of the class of 76 reunion to one that will eventually carry the contents of all yearbooks from the entire decade of the 70's as well as many other photos, anecdotes, biographies and trivia.

We hope to have the website in a somewhat functional condition by the first of the year, but photos will be added as they are available and as we have time to add them. Please remember that everyone involved in this effort is volunteering their time and effort, so things happen as time allows for them.

Please check the list of alumni and staff here and check to make sure your contact information is correct and up to date. As well, please check the list to see if there is anyone else on the list for whom you can provide contact information. You can update contact information by clicking the name of the person on the list and selecting the "update information" link on the info page.

Once the new year is here, we will be sending out these newsletters on a regular basis, and we will recognize those who have contributed and those who are new to the group. We will also recognize those who score high on our trivia page.

There is much more to be said about this, but as time goes on you will learn to be thankful for small mercies, such as me cutting my newsletters off and saving words for the next one.

All the best!

Scott Primeau

Copyright 2016 - D. Scott Primeau
All Rights Reserved