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Those of you who were at the reunion already know how spectacular a success the weekend was, and many who were not present are already finding out from their friends what they missed.

I am still collecting my thoughts from last weekend and am not ready to put them down yet, but I thought for this week I would share what many of you have had to say about your reunion.

I will start off with my note to the Organizing committee and follow with many of the emails and Facebook postings that have come in throughout the past week.

Photos and anecdotes continue to pour in and the event photos will be posted on the website and will be made available on the Commemorative DVD that many are now ordering.

If you would like to order your own copy of the commemorative DVD, which will be sent out in a couple of months, once it is completed – go to www.tecumsehreunion.com/tickets.htm and click on the drop-down menu that says “Capitol Theatre” and select “DVD only” You can pay using your credit card or your PayPal account.

Unless we have a number of new anecdotes from staff and alumni in the next few days, the next newsletter will likely be the last. If I continue on the path I am traveling with it, the next newsletter might be painfully long, but it will be my last address to this great group (for now) so I want to leave no thought unexpressed.


A note to the Organizing Committee:

Greetings all!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all the support, work, ideas, sweat and toil that went into the execution of this flawless event.

To put together one event of the magnitude of any of the events we hosted is a feat, but to put together three major events PLUS host an open house with activities is stellar!

I have cried tears of joy so many times this past weekend that I am sure I have lost 10 pounds (and another 10 from sweating in that hot weather)

I know that people singled me out much of the time because my name is on the masthead of the newsletter, but if you were ever close to me when this happened, you will know that I was quick to tell these people that it was our committee that made this happen. I am just one person on it.

Without each and every one of you, this reunion would have been less of an event. Every task, large or small was an important one and because you did what you did, this past weekend ran without a hitch anywhere!

You should be proud of yourselves for what you have accomplished here. This experience, and the memories that we have created for ourselves and the hundreds of people that came out to our events will carry us through the rest of our lives!

If I missed thanking anyone personally, it was not my intention and you can be sure that you will get your personal thanks when we have our committee wrap up party at a time and place to be announced once things get back to normal.

Randy Filby

I never imagined what a great energetic event this was to be. I feel like I’ve come home after a lifetime to old friends! Love you all.

Follow-up from Randy

Monday Night - Done work - Still recouping. I would like to thank every organizer for the time and effort that made this weekend one of the best in recent memory. The Band was worth the ticket price alone. Great dinner and snacks. I wish there was time to spend everyone, but I have no regrets. I especially enjoyed seeing old friends from the Blessed Sacrament days. You all looked great, and such youthful spirit we all still have. I'll cherish the new friendships I've made and hope someday we can do it again.

Let’s keep in touch!

Avril Kelly

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Scott and everyone on the Organizing Committee (you know who you are). I got home about 2 minutes ago and I want to convey my thoughts while they are still fresh in my mind. Everything was wonderful - ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!

It was so good to see so many familiar faces from the past - everyone was happy and obviously having a good time. People whom I barely knew in high school were friendly and welcoming, and it was so good to see the ones who were my close friends. What a fantastic weekend!!


Penny Morris

I couldn't say it better....thanks Avril. I am so glad that I decided to leave the Pantry (my baby) in the hands of someone else and join the party! I too am still smiling and now have wonderful memories to take into the next 40 yrs. :)

Sue Cummings

Plan it and they will come! After months of planning and preparing, our 3-day reunion was nothing short of PHENOMINAL. Thank you to all the TSS staff, alumni, committee members, helpers, bands, caterers, contributors, sponsors and anyone who supported our event. You all made me so proud to be a Brave!

Janis Huscroft

What a great weekend! Kudos to everyone who helped out. "Friends" rocked. A great night - so much fun reconnecting.

Peter McGarvey

Back from Chatham and the reunion. Spent the weekend on memory lane. Good to see old friends.

Marlene Martincich

Only those present could fully appreciate the TSS Spirit shown by Rick in wearing extra layers AND dancing with that heat!

Gotta love Rick.

Chris Foster

WOW is all I have to say! What a phenomenal event! I was asked last night what I am going to do now! I said......... I AM GOING TO THE ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME BABY!

From day 1 I felt an enthusiasm for this event. We have had our trials but the efforts of all whenever asked to do something great or small was always there. I kept looking for some detail we missed knowing we had put everything in and I found no stone unturned.

You are such an awesome group and I was so thrilled to have met new friends and even more grateful for the stronger friendships with those I already knew.

I will compare the high I am on to that of the trumpet player from Friends. When I sat there and listened to him climb scales that seemed to reach to heaven with such crispness, it clearly summed up how I feel about what we accomplished. He made it look easy and for those that do not know what we went through all they saw was us performing as flawlessly as he did.

Tom O'Brien

Scott et al.....

I think WOW! and SPECTACULAR! are the two words I can think of to sum up the weekend. You should market yourselves out as "Reunion Specialists". I was glad to have been a small part of this organizational machine.

Congratulations and Thanks...it was a helluva event.

Ginnie Sands

Just got home from the Kinsmen and wanted to let you know what a great time my husband and I had tonight and all weekend. You and your committee did a fabulous job .... thank you so much. It was great to see some classmates and teachers that I hadn't seen for 38 yrs. and to catch up with many more ... even those from other years.

Cathy Ramsdale


Donna Pont

OH MY FRIGGING GOD!! (and I am not taking the Lords name in vain when I say this) I had the most fun weekend in recent memory (and my memory is not too bad so that means a lot) Seeing so many of my class mates from 75 (who really did win the screaming match by the way...I think the acoustics in the auditorium were slanted to our disadvantage!!) and hanging out and laughing my ass off with them (well, I didn't laugh my entire ass off as it seems I still have enough left to sit on as I type this) , going through the school , reminiscing with teachers and other alumni ..it was such a tonic and I cannot thank all those involved with this enough.

As someone already mentioned, this weekend has given me a lifetime of great memories and I can say it was a great bang for the buck (not that I got banged…just in case anyone was reading more into this than is there!!)

And I have to say that I am so damn proud of being a Tecumseh Brave and so proud of all of my fellow "Braves" including all our great teachers and Jim Noble as well...as I told him, he treated us like we were people, adults and I believe that required of us a certain level of maturity and responsibility (although I do have memories of some events that may not have been seen as being too mature…like playing "Mother May I " in the main hall at lunch time when a certain Latin teacher was trying to hold a class at the time...seems to me a few of us ended up in her room with detentions…oh well, what can you do...silly times!

Anyway, I have over the years thumped my chest so to speak with great bragging over what an awesome high school I was blessed to have gone to and this weekend has only cemented that feeling in my heart even more. I hope to keep in contact with more of you over the years and I am sending big fat hugs to all...I am also planning on getting a DVD and sit my grandchildren down to watch it and tell them "this is the way to do it!"

Again, massive kudos to all involved and all those who attended ...we still have that deep spirit that we always have…the only difference this past weekend from some of those wonderful Red Feather days was I still have my voice! (Or at least most of it)

Love you all

Fran Prout

I would just like to congratulate everyone on the committee for such an amazing job!! Well done! It was awesome seeing so many people from the past and hopefully keeping them in the future too!!

Ginnie Sands

Thank you for all your hard work. Great weekend!

Novella Padovan

Scott, your hard work paid off obviously!! Your tireless hours and passion for this vision, was shared by all.

We feel the love and memories that your leadership and committee members felt when working busily to organize this reunion. You and your committee should have your own little party, but share the pics with us...lol.

Sue, you are amazing too!! The queen of organization! It was so nice to see you.

Toni Benning

Thanks to all of the committee members for organizing such a huge event! Everyone I talked to was having a great time and were very glad to have made the effort to attend.

It was well worth the 12 hours of travel that it took me to get home today!

Wes Kroeze

Just got back to NC...it's hot here, too!

What a wonderful event!...thanks to all of the volunteers!...I hope the fundraising part of the event was also successful!

Mary Brzuskniewicz

Thanks to you and your committee for doing a great job!!!! My husband and I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and had loads of fun!!!!


Gisele Grison

I can't even put into words how much the reunion meant to me and how very grateful I am to all of you who worked so tirelessly all those months to make it such a huge success! You can all feel very proud of the wonderful weekend you put together!! It was even more magical than I imagined it would be!!!

Andy Ramsz

I would like to begin by expressing my thanks to this fantastic committee. Beginning with Scott's invitation on FB back in November of 2010, followed by the successive newsletters, and periodic meetings, this committee was destined for success.

Our initial sights were set for a much larger group but in retrospect, but I can't imagine what it would have been like with another 500 people in the Kinsmen. The friendships and re-acquaintances made during our planning sessions will last for years to come.

A personal highlight, it was at least 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning, at least two hours lying awake, taking in the day and evening events. Having had this opportunity to see alumni I've lost touch with for at least 30 years resulted in an incredible high.

Although we all felt tired on Sunday, the team effort to pack everything exemplified the cohesion achieved during the entire planning stage.

I'm grateful and honoured to have been part of your team, and the greatest benefit, new found friends.

Cheri Travis

Hi and Congratulations to you all. (I thought I was the only one up - slept yesterday out of necessity. Does anyone hurt in places they have never hurt before?)

My computer has been humming all day. I had to shut it down for a while there were so many emails. I have reconnected with many long lost friends and acquaintances. They are truly in awe of what has just happened.

It was truly touching to see this event come together and see the joy in so many faces.

I know at least two people left with tears of joy as they expressed how grateful they were to have experienced such an event. It surpassed all expectations and I truly feel people witnessed what great joy we felt in putting on this event.

Many teachers expressed it was wonderful and unlike any other they had attended. Mr. Eastman said teaching us was like working in Disneyland, compared to the other schools he has taught in. We came prepared and worked hard. He never experienced anything like that again after leaving Tecumseh and our hard work and dedication continued to show in the success of the weekend.

I am truly grateful to all of you for the experience of working with you. Our long meetings on those cold winter days are now a cherished memory and I will miss working with such dedicated people. You don't find a team as cohesive as ours very often. We climbed over and moved many mountains to get this done - you can all be proud.


Audrey Pupulin

Scott, Sue and Dan,

I know I should be thanking the entire organizing committee for this past weekend but you are the three people I am closest to so have chosen to let you know how wonderful the weekend was and how thankful I am that you put this together.

I drove back to Whitby yesterday morning to rejoin my "other" life and found myself reviewing different aspects of the weekend and bursting into tears more than once during the drive home at the images that came to mind. Tecumseh flashbacks, people's smiles, embraces and kisses and the best of all - the feeling of inclusiveness and generosity of spirit that permeated the weekend. I am certain that many came with lots of baggage and while some of it was painfully disclosed, people still seemed genuinely happy to be together. Whatever pains us today seemed to have been left at the door and replaced with the youthfulness and energy and hope we all felt growing up together.

You guys throw one hell of a party!

Love you all.

Dan Foster to Audrey Pupulin

Well...what can I say? I'm truly humbled by your words and blown away at the realization that this was more than just a great party for SO MANY PEOPLE...

Just as important thought, is the knowledge that I have such a great bunch of people like yourself that can call friends.

Being the product of an itinerant postal worker, my years at Tecumseh were more precious to me than any of you might realize. My 5 years at Tecumseh represented, to that point in my short life, the longest stretch of time spent in any one place. Having to make a new set of friends every 2 years can be tough, even for an extrovert like moi.

While I haven't lived in the city since 1980 I still get a warm feeling whenever I see that "Chatham - Population 40,000" sign or see my buds from the Class of '76

My testimonial is short, heart-felt and, as usual, plagiarized:

"In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.."

Nihil est dicam...

Randa Rossini


You can't go back
Is what some say,
Old fears, old pain
Get in the way.

Memories from youth
Stand frozen in time.
You have yours,
And I have mine.

And yet I went,
If just to see,
And found thereby
The rest of me.

Teachers and friends,
The smiles abounded.
Awakening joy -
My fears were unfounded.

Paul Halinaty

‎2 bags ice, 1 per knee
+ several kg Tylenol (substitute Advil etc. per individual taste)
+ 1 tube analgesic cream, apply liberally
+ minimum 1 stern ‘told you so’ lecture from spouse (rolling of eyes in disgust optional)
= a small price to pay for the reunion basketball game Saturday. One of the most fun ever.

Thanks Michael for organizing. And thanks Lesley for keeping it to 1 lecture and not laughing too hard.

Dwight Clark

Hurting pretty bad Sunday morning. Made sure I did not moan or groan or limp in front of Michelle. Did not get the lecture but it was on the tip of her tongue.

There would have been no sympathy. I promised I would not overdo it. Ya like that happened

Michael Alexander

Things have gone surprisingly well, even though I couldn't play in the alumni game. In spite of the fact that someone else is living in my family home (how did that happen again?), I've really had the feeling of being back home. A sense of well-being that I never have in Toronto.

They unfurled a huge Canadian flag before the dedication this afternoon, and everyone sang Oh Canada. It was a weird retro-in the-moment experience. I've become so disenchanted with Canada, yet singing with all my alums took me back to the time when my little high school was everything to me and life was as right as rain.

Wish I could redeem that feeling with my Air Miles card.

Jeff McCracken

Had a great time, excellent job by everyone. It was like 36 years just disappeared and I was back in school again. Thank goodness for name tags though, some people I recognized some I did not.

But I have a story which I think puts a little perspective on ...why we have these reunions.

I met Jim Demers and his wife Saturday night and we had that, what have you been doing discussion for the last 30 years or so. Come to find out Jim lives in Windsor as I do, I asked his wife where do you live in Windsor, if you can believe this, they live on the same street as I do 2 blocks down, are you kidding me!!

He's lived there for 20 years I've been there for 12 years and neither one of us knew the other one lived there. If not for this reunion we would never had known, now I have an old school buddy I can just walk down the street and share old stories with.

What's a better way to bring old friends together than a school reunion, and thanks for reuniting me with an old friend.

Karen Pugh

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the Tecumseh reunion. It was fantastic!!!!! I had a wonderful time and loved every minute of it.

Old friends picked up last it was yesterday. Thank God for name tags though!

I could go on and on, but just wanted to express my appreciation for you and the committee.

It was the best party.

Peter Stanojevic

What a great event!

I'm so grateful to the Reunion Committee that they decided to dedicate a plaque to TSS.

Although the financial cost was high (much higher than even I anticipated), the final result speaks for itself. The plaque will be a constant reminder of the collegiality and school spirit that once existed within the walls of the present building.

May the afterglow of the reunion atmosphere and the physical presence of the plaque cause the TSS spirit to live long into the future.

Becky Willmore

I'm sure you must be having "reunion withdrawal" after your very successful weekend. The comments on Facebook must make you feel very proud and relieved that everything went off just as you planned.

Nancy Ancocik

I understand you had a wonderful reunion. I have heard good feedback from a few people I work with – Dr Dave Colby, Jan Huscroft, Patty Stewardson.

Jim and Carole Noble

Hi there Scott

We both want you to know how very much we appreciated all that you did towards making the Reunion a smashing success. As many have said, it was Perfect.  All those hours you put in 'behind the scenes' were totally worth it....

And the tributes to Jim will never be forgotten.  We have his big 'tribute" on the wall in our dining room. Many happy memories.

You should rest now (for a while, at least) knowing that you could not have done one more thing to make the weekend so wonderful.

Hope we will keep in touch

Erica Roth

Greetings with thanks:

Scott and committee -it was a fabulous weekend. I truly enjoyed and liked all the events attended and am sorry I missed some. It was particularly meaningful since I have spent most of the last 30 years somewhere else in Canada with little connection with those I attended high school. Fortunately I have had opportunity to reconnect in the last couple of years and I am loving spending time with previous classmates.

Now, thanks to the reunion, there are even more friends to look up and find more about!

Your efforts are appreciated greatly and I am definitely on board for the next one!

Al Tayles

Hi Scott,

Well it's been a week since the reunion. You guys did a awesome job with everything. Friends were excellent on Saturday night. It was great seeing all the people I remember so well. And of course all the awkward moments of "I know who that is I just can't remember their name". Yeah a few of those for sure.

I have to mention a few special people I saw there. Great to see Gisele, Randy, Roger, Warren, Dave & Phyllis, Cathy, JoAnn, Pete, Sherry, and the two guys that are still my best friends, Nestor and Bill.

It was a good time to just stop time, and now it's time to get on with the rest of my life... whatever that is...

Rick Brownlee

Thanks Scott. You and the organizing committee did a spectacular job. It was so nice to see all of my old classmates and teachers.

The basketball game on Saturday made me want to join a league again. However my calf is now telling me it might not be such a good idea. I am very glad I made the trip back to Chatham. It had been over 30 years since I had been back. Everyone looked amazingly good and well preserved for being in their 50’s. It was just about as good as the high school days of the 70’s.

Thanks again for all of your work. You should be proud of the results. I will have fond memories of the reunion weekend for a long time.

Nancy Litschko

It was so great to see everyone again. It was especially great to know so many people because all four of the Litschko girls had a class represented. After seeing everyone and talking to them I was sure that if we all went to the Parkview after the reunion it would have felt like time stood still.

Clearly all the hard work paid off. I am sooooo happy I went.

Thanks everyone who was involved.

Sherry Wieringa

...thanks again for all your hard work putting together a fantastic reunion. I will definitely be interested in hearing about your next adventure if you choose to go ahead with it once you get a few weeks/months/years to recuperate. :)

Warren Delyzer

Scott and Other amazing organizers,

I am the spouse of Warren DeLyzer - class of 74/75 and a resident of BC. Over the past 35 years Warren has had the privilege of joining me at 3 of my school reunions.... not knowing any of my classmates he listened to too many old stories of which only 90% he knew. ha

I cannot tell you what a treat it was for me to experience the same situation. My brother in-law Peter Jamieson... wife Veronica (Warrens sister) experienced a wonderful event that allowed us to all remember how fortunate we are to have this opportunity to reminisc.

To the musicians... amazing!! To the organizers... a job well done. Kudos big time! Hope you all raised a glass and had the best sleep in along time!

Any pics anyone has to share... hoping you have a website so we can download or contribute.

If anyone would like to communicate in the future to warren this is our email address delyzer@telus.net.

Thanks to all.... good health... minimal injuries and thanks to Richard Brownlee whom just completed a back technique on Warren so he can continue to enjoy his fitness regime and his family!!!!!

Cheers to all and enjoy the next best years!!

Alex Moir

Just wanted to add my piece, amongst the many others, as all of us try to express what a blessing the reunion event really was.  I think having us in the school was particularly special.  Being in that gym and cheering for the two teams took me back "to the day."  To paraphrase James Earl Jones in "Field of Dreams" the memories were so thick you had to brush them away with your hand.
I simply have no idea what it took to pull this off ... but I do know that when something successful happens there's always one person with a vision. Thanks for pushing us all ... and I hope you're starting to catch up on your sleep!

Maxine Stevens

You and the others did a commendable job and it was in every aspect a huge success.  I want to thank you and each of the others for the tremendous amount of time and effort that were put into the organizing and running of all of the events.

The teachers had a wonderful time and I want to express to all of you a heart felt thank you for the party at the Capital Theatre.

Please covey to the committee a sincere thank you on behalf of the entire staff. The smiles, hugs and kind words made each of us realize once again how fortunate we were to have been a part of the lives of the students who attended TSS.

You are the best.

Thanks again to all of you.

Linda Sinneave

...I cannot thank you and the organizing committee enough for all of your hard work!  I have an idea of how much work this actually is ( but on a smaller scale).  I am the sole "class officer" for my med school class of UWO Meds '84 (104 of us in total in that year) and have the responsibility of organizing a reunion every 5 years. The last one was October 2009 - I just flew in from a meeting in Vienna, Austria that evening in time for the dinner event I had arranged!  That was a long day as I was still on Austria time (6 hours ahead!)...   

If I missed anyone’s comments, I will be sure to make them available. In the meantime, if you have any anecdotes of specific happenings at the reunion, please be sure to share them with us.

All the best,

Scott Primeau


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