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Ticket sales for the Dinner/Dance have now closed and we have submitted our final dinner numbers to the caterer. Many people have been asking about coming to the formalities portion of the evening and experiencing the “Friends” reunion. So many, in fact, that we have decided to make a LIMITED NUMBER of FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED tickets available at the door on Saturday night. Price for these at the door tickets is $30.00 per person (cash only). This will be your only chance to attend any of the Saturday night activities if you missed out on your dinner/dance ticket! Tickets for The Capitol Theatre are still available online and will be available at the door as well.

Those of you who recognize the reference in the title of this week’s newsletter will likely also know that the title I refer to did not come out until 1981; however I decided that this was the appropriate title for the newsletter – regardless of the fact that it does I am not referencing a 1970’s memory.

In less than a week, we will be gathering back home for our long anticipated Tecumseh 1970s reunion. Some of us have already started to pack our bags. Some of us are already en-route from far-away places. All of us are feeling the excitement building in anticipation of reconnecting with our classmates – some of whom we have not seen since we left high school.

With the possible exception of the reunion held in 1982, there has never been an event for Tecumseh staff and alumni like the one you are about to experience. We have the highest return rate of teachers EVER at a reunion and a VERY RESPECTABLE showing of alumni, with close to 400 people coming for dinner on Saturday Night! People have been promoting the reunion within their friendship circles and throughout their families, and the word has gotten out that this is the event to attend!

Your organizing committee has worked tirelessly to ensure that your experience this next week will be as enjoyable and unforgettable as you are hoping it will be. With the first ever “Official” staff reunion happening within our own alumni reunion, the reunion of the band many of us grew up listening to, “Friends” on Saturday night and all of the other activities planned for the weekend, it is bound to be a weekend that you talk about with fondness for years to come.

I have worked out a deal with the weather gods, and in exchange for my soul (what’s left of it), they have agreed to give us warm weather and sunshine for the entire week! I did try to parlay what I thought was a left over portion of my soul for just a bit of rain late in the day on Saturday, just enough to cool it down at the Kinsmen, but apparently they had to take my proposal to committee…they said they would get back to me on that one…..

The last week of ticket sales has been incredible! My phone, Sue Cummings’ phone and both our email clients have been worn out with communications about ticket sales. Sue even had people at her door late into the evening on Friday, wanting to purchase tickets for the reunion!! You can never underestimate the power of procrastination!!

The success of our ticket sales campaign has borne benefits to those attending. Originally, we had planned on holding raffles for some of the more valuable prizes that we had acquired for the event in order to finance the reunion expenses and projects, such as the bronze plaque. Now that we are in the black, anyone who has purchased a dinner/dance ticket and is in attendance on Saturday night will be eligible to win ANY of the prizes. We have also purchased some “value added” prizes to add to the fun and excitement. In addition to the over 50 door prizes that have been accumulated over the past few months, the committee has added a 50” 3D Plasma TV, a 32” LCD TV and an iPad to the trove of giveaway prizes!!

Wouldn’t it be great to come, reconnect with your long-lost friends from high school, have a great weekend – and then go home with a brand new TV?!?! I think yes.

People have been asking about dress for the weekend’s events. For the most part, many people will dress casual. Blutonium at Southside Tap and Grille is an outdoor event on their patio and the band starts at 7. Because you will be outdoors in the evening, you may want to plan for it to cool down, ever so slightly, but casual dress is the order of the day.

Friday and Saturday at the school is whatever you want. For Friday evening at the Capitol, because it is air conditioned, you may be as dressed up as you like or you may come casual. It seems that the common consensus is business casual.

The Kinsmen Auditorium is NOT air conditioned (thus the request for a bit of rain just before the event…

Although we have acquired a few high volume industrial fans for the event, it could still be warm in the auditorium so dress appropriately. Also, remember that you are gonna wanna “Get Up And Boogie” or possibly even “Shake Your Groove Thing”, whatever that may be… so don’t wear your long pants and wool dinner jacket! If you do come dressed to impress, be sure to have something that you can shed into once the evening comes alive, as we know it inevitably will!

People from the organizing committee will be assembling early in the week to start setting up the venues and decorating, so if you hit town early, you can stop by and see if we are at any of the venues working. If we are, you are welcome to say hi or lend a hand, whatever you like.

Things start rolling on Thursday at Southside around 5, and the band will start playing at 7. They will be playing till 11PM and a great early registration reception is promised for all.

The school will open at 9AM on Friday and people will be arriving throughout the day. Peter Stanojevic will be displaying his vast collection of Tecumseh Memorabilia and will be showing some of the many slides he has taken throughout his years at Tecumseh. Hot dogs, Hamburgers and soft drinks will be sold onsite by the Alzheimer’s Society, however there will be Lemonade and Iced Tea available in the Cafeteria at no charge, along with light munchables. The school will close of Friday at 5 PM in order to set up at the Capitol.

The Teachers wine and cheese reception will begin at 6:30 PM on Friday in the Pioneer VIP Lounge at the Capitol Theatre. This lounge is what used to be the small diner to the immediate left front of the Capitol Theatre – right on the corner of the building.

At 7 PM, the doors will open for alumni at the Capitol. There will be large veggie snack trays in the lower (larger) lounge of the Capitol Theatre. A cash bar will be open, and drinks are quite reasonably priced. Popcorn will be available as will movie house concessions. There is an upper lounge in the Capitol that has a balcony that overlooks King Street for those who would like to sit outside and visit. The Movie, “American Graffiti” will start at 8, and we will have access to the facilities and amenities of the building until 11 PM. After that, you are on your own for the rest of the evening.

Mike Alexander intends to start assembling his basketball players for warm-up at 11 AM on Saturday. The game is scheduled to start around 11:30, so please be there on time if you are playing basketball!

The dedication of the bronze plaque will take place outside the front doors of the school at 2 PM on Saturday. It is anticipated that this will be a highly attended event, so get there early for the best view. Ron Kingham has assembled a choral ensemble to punctuate the dedication of the plaque. This promises to be a memorable occasion!

At 4 PM on Saturday, the school will close and the doors will open at the Kinsmen Auditorium. We are expecting a few 60’s and 70’s muscle cars from the local car club may be on display at the Kinsmen for you to admire as you arrive. Dinner will start at 6 PM.

At 8 PM (or earlier if appropriate) the formalities of the evening will begin with the Bob and Alex show! A few short speeches, some recognitions and a few words from some important people, including one or two of the people involved in building the famous Tecumseh Totem Pole!

At 9 PM, The long-awaited reunion of “Friends” will take place, with a 7 piece band, including a full horn section, playing the funk and R&B songs that we all remember from our hazy evenings at the Red Barrel Room of the Wheels Inn! Between sets, you will be entertained with door prize drawings and recorded music from “Scott Primeau – The DJ for All Occasions”, as it were – back in the 70’s.

There will be no newsletter next weekend, as we will all be sleeping in and basking in the glow of the newfound-old friendships rekindled, and undoubtedly soaking our feet and looking for the A-5 3-5 to solve for what we put our bodies through the night before. We will go our separate ways, back to where it was we came from; but we will now have a new set of memories and friends to smile back on and remember the good times we had way back then, and again at the reunion.

If you are anything like me, you will come away with plans to get together again with some of these people and some of them will become your new best friends. I have made some of the closest friendships of my life from my high school reunions and those people, about whom I am speaking know who they are. I love them all to death and would do anything for them.

I hope you come away with at least half of what I have from this – if you do, you will be glad you came!!

All the best,

Scott Primeau


© Copyright 2016 - D. Scott Primeau
All Rights Reserved