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Our Thursday Night Early Registration Event featuring Blutonium has been moved to Southside Tap and Grille, 936 Charing Cross Road, Chatham
From the time we learned there may be an issue till the time we resolved it was less than 24 hours - and less than 24 hours after that, Players Club was closed!

In the event that you missed the news of earlier this week, I have attached part of the text of the email sent out on Tuesday evening:

"Information presented to us in the past couple of days has made it necessary to seek out and obtain alternate facilities for our Thursday Night event as well as our Bar Services for Saturday. I will not go into the reasons and circumstances in this forum, but suffice to say it was in the interest of self preservation that we made the move. The decision, and how it was made will be discussed at our next meeting on Saturday.
The Executive of the Organizing committee was called together for an emergency meeting and the decision to act was unanimous. The time frame from when we first received the information to the time we resolved the issue was less than 24 hours.
Our new venue for Thursday night is South Side Tap and Grille. This is really quite a nice place with a really nice, large outdoor deck, where Blutonium (Yes, they came with us) will set up and play an outdoor show (weather permitting) from 7 till 11. Rather than Molson's playing a part in our event, Labatt's is now the sponsor of our late night lunch at the Kinsmen. It will consist of Smoked Brisket and Pulled Pork with buns and salads.
This venue was formerly known as the Golf and Fun Centre. It is under new ownership as of recently. Their food is really quite good and they specialize in Barbeque. They have a putting green, driving range, Volleyball courts and other facilities. Volleyball leagues will be playing for part of the evening but they will be congregating in the back grassy area afterwards - we have exclusive use of the patio, bar and front restaurant (if needed).
We are confident that this move will not only allow us to move forward with confidence, but it will also provide us with a better experience in the end."

Within hours of having sent this email out, I received an email from an alumnus containing only a photo, showing the notice of closure of The Players Club. You should be aware that the organizing committee acted BEFORE we were faced with a problem and this allowed us to move seamlessly from one provider to the other.
Brian (Spanky) O'Rourke, from Southside has been more than accommodating in assisting us with the transition and is giving us everything we had planned for before and more!! I cannot thank Brian and his establishment enough for the ease with which this change was carried out!!


Ticket Sales Close in Four Days!!

If you have been procrastinating or sitting on the fence with this reunion, it is now time to get off that fence, one way or the other and get yourself in gear! The time to buy your tickets is NOW. Ticket sales for the dinner/dance WILL NOT be extended past the 15th of July.
If you have looked at the website lately at www.tecumsehreunion.com/Secure/Class%20List.asp, you will see that the list of attendees has grown dramatically in the past couple of weeks, and no matter who you are or what year you went to Tecumseh, you will undoubtedly know somebody at this reunion that you can reconnect with. Don't be one of the ones who, the day after the reunion are thinking, "That looked like a lot of fun - I wish I had gone..."

This IS going to be a lot of fun and we have the right people with the right attitudes coming to make this the greatest weekend of reconnection ever!!

Class Year Standings for Ticket Sales

1975 & 1976 (tied for first)
1973 & 1978 (tied)
1971 & 1983 (tied)


Registration Everywhere!!
Those who have purchased tickets know, and we have announced a few times that the tickets you purchase for the weekend of the reunion are not physical tickets, but rather your name is added to our Master Registry. When you check in at your first event, you will be given a wrist band that reflects the ticket package you have purchased. If you would like to upgrade your ticket (if available) you may do it on the spot with no surcharge, but rather only the difference between what you would have paid and what you did pay.
Every event from Thursday at Southside to Saturday at the Kinsmen will have the Registration List available, so you may check in anywhere. Your wristband for the entire weekend or for Saturday Dinner/Dance will be numbered for our door prizes. We will be giving away over $4000.00 in door prizes to those who attend the Dinner/Dance on Saturday.


Check the Schedule for Times

The schedule at http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/Schedule.htm has been updated to reflect the times of each event, so check it out for specifics

Thursday - Southside Tap and Grille - registration will open at 5, and the band starts at 7

Friday - School is open from 9 - 5

Capitol - doors open to staff at 6:30 and to alumni at 7:00

Saturday - School is open from 9 - 4

Plaque dedication is at 2PM

Kinsmen doors open at 4PM

Dinner at 6PM

Formalities at 8PM

Dance at 9PM

Late lunch at 11PM


Less Than Two Weeks Away!!
We are down to the final few days before your reunion and EVERYBODY is STOKED!! Our committee meeting was considerably less stressful than earlier ones as we have gone from planning and preparation to execution and presentation! Everyone was upbeat at the meeting and we are all looking forward to seeing you!


Message from Michael Alexander:
"We've got a great roster going with players from the mid to late seventies. But we don't have anyone from 1979 onward. If you played for a team during 1979 or anytime thereafter, please let me know if you're planning to join us for the game on Saturday at noon. We will be meeting for organization and warm-up at 11 AM."


Message from Andy Ramsz:

To my fellow classmates of Tecumseh High School, having attended it in its glory days of freedom and opportunity, I look forward to seeing you once again. Though perhaps not as physically fit as we once were, our growing life experiences are more important than our ability to run the four minute mile.

If you have not yet made up your mind to attend or have an opportunity to change your schedules, please make this your priority. This is the final week to purchase tickets. Im sure you will not regret your decision to attend the events planned by your committee nor the fantastic experience you will have reuniting with your friends of the past.

I look forward to seeing and speaking with you at this great event.

Message from Sue Cummings:

It's the final countdown! Less than one week left to buy your tickets. The committee has worked diligently to contact as many alumni as possible but we need your help to contact and encourage people you know who are fence-sitters to not let this opportunity pass them by. From the classes of 70 to 87, only 85 and 86 haven't alumni attending. Fantastic!

75 and 76 are tied, 77 is one shy of a 3-way tie, 80 and 79 are close behind. Thank you to all who are attending for all or part of the weekend. All the details are being finalized and this will be one great reunion!"

Message from Al Trudell of "Friends"

"I can't wait myself. The whole band is pumped.

It should be a night to remember.

I'm really looking forward to reconnecting with all my old friends; I 've been out of Chatham for 25 years and most of the old gang will be there!"

Buzz on the Streets

I was around Chatham this past weekend and it seems that everyone I run into knows about the reunion and many people who did not even attend Tecumseh are asking about coming to the Saturday night event.

I was judging the Rib Fest yesterday, and next to me sat a man who I did not recognize. Lori (Robbins - class of 80), my darlin' bride was taking pictures of my messy self, while I was tasting the massive amount of red meat presented to me. We were discussing whether or not to put one of the photos in the newsletter, to which this man queried, "What newsletter is that?"

I responded that I write the newsletter for the upcoming Tecumseh Reunion, to which he instantly offered, "I went to CK, but Tecumseh always had the greatest dances in the 70's; with that guy who had his friend with him, who had the whole crowd line dancing to "The Hustle!" I loved going to those dances! Whatever happened to that DJ?"

After we finished judging, he told me that he and his wife wanted to come and see "Friends" on the Saturday night and that he was glad that we had had the opportunity to talk.

Wanna Help??

We have a list of those who have offered to help us out at the reunion. We are assigning jobs at the various venues, so if you are interested in helping out, please make your availability known and we will do our best to work you into the schedule!

We Are Stoked!!

I don't know about you, but I can feel the excitement growing, and it is now feeling like all of the planning and effort that went into putting this reunion together is really paying off!

Get your tickets today - get your old friends together and come out and have the best weekend of fun and reconnection ever!!

All the best,

Scott Primeau


Copyright 2016 - D. Scott Primeau
All Rights Reserved