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Ok, Here's the thing...(and as my friends always parrot back to me, "What IS the thing (now), Scott?"...)
Ok, well as of this coming weekend, I will be known and addressed as "yeronner" or "yerwership" or "Judge Scott", and for the kids, "Judge Primeau (ya gotta respect your elders, right??)"
If you see me coming, you can chant, "Here Come da Judge, Here Come da Judge!"
You see, I have been selected to be a judge at the local Chatham Rib fest this coming weekend at Tecumseh Park. I haven't been in Tecumseh park in over 30 years, but I am looking forward to some tasty ribs.
But in addition, I bonus out because I am told that the proper protocol for dignitaries is that the title is for life, so....I've got that going for me....

In The Black!!
I am proud to announce that as of sometime this past week, our reunion effort went from a deficit to being in the black!! It is so nice to see this happen. My blood pressure is normalizing, I am less edgy and there are many fewer dead bodies in the closet as a result of my ripping their heads off! Life is.......better!
We are not hugely in the black, but just being there is a tremendous achievement, given the expense and number of projects that this committee has taken on in order to make this the best possible reunion for you. It has been a long and arduous job and the committee has done a wonderful job of putting this great reunion together; it is nice to finally see it validated in ticket sales!

This does NOT mean that we are done or that we do not need to sell more tickets! Our focus now moves to making sure that any of those "SURPRISE" expenses that always come up are covered and also to work toward making the reunion events themselves a higher quality experience for you and also to work toward presenting a reasonable donation to the Alzheimer's Society - our chosen charity for any excess monies raised above our expenses.


Ticket Sales Extended
As you know from our special mid-week update, we met with all involved and were able to extend ticket sales another couple of weeks until the 15th of July. This is due to a couple of things, good and bad...
When we originally planned this reunion, we created our budget based on 500 people, but as we looked at the list of potential attendees and considered the possible attendance of significant others - it was envisioned that we could have as many as 1000 people at the reunion. This led to the decision to book the Kinsmen Auditorium as our venue, as it comfortably holds 500 but will accommodate 1000.
Unless something dramatic happens (and anything is possible) it does not appear that we will have 1000 people, however it is well within our realm to have 500 people in attendance. That is a very respectable turnout indeed. Anyway back to the reasons - With 1000 people, the caterer had a logistical issue wherein he had to acquire extra personnel to staff our event. This is because he has a number of other events booked for the same day, so he needed to know quite in advance if we were having anywhere close to 1000 people coming. With this not being an issue, the caterer is well within his ability to handle our group and has agreed to allow us to continue selling tickets.
Also, ticket purchase activity has been nothing less than phenomenal in the past couple of weeks and in our communications with people about buying their tickets, we have heard from many people who tell us that due to work schedules etc, it is just not possible for them to make a commitment that far away from the actual week. They tell us that they would really like to come, but once their schedules come out, they will either buy their tickets if they have the weekend off or work to change their schedules so that it will allow them to take the time to come to the reunion.
Still others have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting to see if their friends are coming before they make the commitment. The irony of that psychology is that people tend to hang with people that have similar outlooks as them, so in all likeliness, those people's entire peer group are sitting, watching and waiting for the other to make the jump, so they will all end up wondering why nobody from their group went to the reunion and be unhappy they all missed it!
Regardless - we are going to have a GREAT time and the weekend promises to be full of fun, music, good food, entertainment and RECONNECTION!!


Ready To Roll...
All is set for our weekend - we have Blutonium all practiced up for our Thursday night event. I met with the band and got to watch them perform in Erieau for their Canada Day Celebration. They are in great form and are really sounding good! I also met with a couple of members of the reuniting band, "Friends" and they have been practicing and working on their set lists. I have the lineup of some of the songs they are working on and I can promise you that they will bring clear memories of those days back to even the foggiest mind!!
Joe Fanelli has generously donated (among other things) a large cake for our event that you will want to have your cameras ready for!
I spoke with the people at the Capitol Theatre and everything is in place for our great Friday Night Movie Reception. We have submitted the movie that you selected by your votes to be the movie we view that night. The selected movie is American Graffiti! The nice thing about this movie is it is essentially a series of vignettes that stitch together to tell a story. The beauty of that is that you can sit and watch a few minutes of the movie, catch an entire scene and walk away to visit with old friends, not having to see the entire movie in order to get the story or be entertained by it.
We have also met with the representatives of the Teachers Reunion Committee and they have done a great job of rounding up the teachers from back in the day to come back and visit with us, if only for a day at the Capitol Theatre. For those teachers who have made their commitment to come and have their tickets, we are offering a complimentary wine and cheese reception in one of the three lounges of the theatre. This event is to start at 6:30 PM on Friday, a half hour before the doors open to alumni at 7:00 PM. This will give the teachers time to reacquaint themselves with each other, get all wined up and build up their tolerance level to meet the onslaught of former students, waiting to meet with them and thank them for the great foundation that they laid, allowing their students to discover the tools that they had within themselves that would carry themselves forward into life and the great adventures that they would eventually experience!
All is set with the school - everything has been booked and we are good to go with our Friday and Saturday events. I have my music system all tuned up for music in the gym while Mike Alexander organizes his alumni Basketball game(s).
The plaque is ready to be hung and dignitaries have been invited. Rob McClatchey will be offering up some of his bakes specialties for the plaque dedication reception.
Ron Kingham is busy working on assembling a chorus of former alumni for a special musical selection to be featured at the plaque dedication ceremony. Rev Alex and Rev Bob are all revved up and ready for their smackdown rap off, as they co-MC the weekend's festivities!
...and a number of other surprises and treats will await you as you come back home, shed your old skin for a weekend and just for a few days, remember being a kid again, in the presence of those who you felt most comfortable with while growing up!


Times of Events Posted!
We have now posted the starting times for each day's events. The updated schedule may be found at www.tecumsehreunion.com/schedule.htm. Be sure to check it out!!


Not Coming?...You Should Reconsider...
If you have not yet purchased your ticket for whatever reason, I urge you to give it careful consideration before you dismiss the idea; this could be a once in a lifetime event that you miss! You can go to the cottage or go sailing or do your gardening any other time, but this is one weekend that you cannot do again. The memories that will be triggered from the past and the memories that will be created by the reunion will carry you well into the years to come, and I promise that for many of you - you will come away with newfound lifelong old friends!
You have seen the incredible list of people who have purchased their tickets in the past week or so, but if you want to see who of our alumni have purchased tickets, you can go to http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/Secure/Class%20List.asp and look for the check marks next to the names. You will see that there are a considerable number of them, so make sure we have a check mark next to your name!
I know I posted the list of ticket purchasers a couple of days ago, but we have sold a few tickets since then, even though activity this weekend is slow due to the holiday. Among those who purchased tickets in the past couple of days are:
Jane Rylett (71)
Mark Van Raay (80)
Bette Brisley (70)
Charles Dubeau (82)
Kathy Busby (80)
As we stand at the moment, ticket purchases by class year are as follows:

1976 (Rules)
1975 & 1977 (Chasing but not catching 76)
1970, 1971 & 1982 (three way tie_
We also have a number of alumni from outside our area of focus, and it should be known that although we have focused on 1970 - 1980, we are not denying anyone who would like to come to our reunion admission. If you older brother or kid sister went to Tecumseh either before or after 70 - 80, they are welcome to attend any or all of the activities. We even have a few non-alumni who have purchased tickets because they see the value and significance of this reunion and are looking forward to seeing some of their old friends who for some, have travelled great distances to be a part of this!
I have spoken with many people personally this past couple of weeks and among those who have been instrumental in providing valuable assistance to our effort is Rick MacFarlane. Rick has confirmed to us that he will be attending at least some of the weekend's activities, so I say thank you (for all of your help) and welcome, Rick.
I have also been informed that there is a better than average probability that there will be a surprise, elusive guest show up on Saturday for at least part of the day, so I would say "Braccae tuae aperiuntur"....no, that's not it.... oh yeah..."Semper Paratus" - and "agricola" and stuff...
Now, whatever message that you got from the above sentence, do not take to be a statement of fact. Whatever it meant, if anything - is only a rumor at this point and may or may not prove to be true...so please don't be disappointed if it proves not to be true (Toga - Toga - Toga!!) ...I am a bad, bad boy...


Lost Alumni
This week's list of lost alumni is as follows:
Linda Anderson
Susan Gilbert
Terrie Weber
Jon Bennett
Kym Henley
Gail Herbert
Betty VanDurme
Cynthia Ruby
John Lacina
Paul Gleason
Joanne Hynes
Carl Czanits
Lisa Jubenville
Sandra Mifflin


Tecumseh Trivia
One of the most enthusiastic participants in this reunion and this week's winner of the trivia contest is Debbie Vellinga. Not only did she score an impressive 8 out of 10 on our trivia contest, but she has been instrumental in getting the word out to our alumni and talking up the events in a way that only someone with the excitement that Debbie has can do. Thank you, Debbie for your most valuable contribution to our reunion effort and your continued support of all we are offering for you to participate in.
...now, having said that - who can knock her off her perch as the winningest participant in our trivia challenge! C'mon - I dare you to try!


The answers to last week's trivia challenge are as follows:
1) Who's Grad Photo caption read, "May look gentle and kind but under those curly locks and behind those intellectual frames is a rough and ready athlete with football and basketball at the top of the list. Bill's future lies within the walls of Western"?
2) What was the Guess Who's first #1 hit in the US?
3) In 1974, how many Canadian artists had a #1 charted hit song?   2
4) Don't fear the   Future
    Devil's Gun
    Love Machine
5) Blue eyed
6) Living just enough, just enough
7) Morning has like the first morning
8) Which of the following songs was from "Jesus Christ Superstar"?   Day By Day
    Spirit In The Sky
    I Don't Know How To Love Him
    See Me Feel Me
9) Who stated under their grad photo, "I have enjoyed my first year at Tecumseh and have made some really great friends. Next year I hope to pursue a business career at University."?
10) Which of these albums came wrapped in a brown paper bag?   Wish You Were Here
    In Through The Out Door
    Muscle Of Love
    Sticky Fingers

All the best,


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