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We have officially entered my favorite season, SUMMER!! I am reminded of all those great summer songs that I heard on the radio and played at the school dances about summer, like "Hot Fun In The Summertime" by Sly and The Family Stone (Hi Hi Hi Hi there - Those summer days...) and "School's Out" by Alice Cooper (School's out for summer; School's out forever; School's been blown to pieces - No more pencils, No more books, No more teacher's dirty looks...)

I am sure you have your favorite memories of those carefree summers, when the biggest decision of your week was, "Do we go to the beach or hang out and cruise the drag with a few friends?" Some of us remember going out to the Rondeau Pavilion to see Bob Seger, Alice Cooper, Funkadelic and a host of other great up and coming acts before they made it to the big time.
Others remember hanging out in the Red Barrel Room at the Wheels and listening to Friends play their great repertoire of Funk and R&B each night. Still others went to the many teen dances that I organized and Rick Starks entertained and taught all the newest line dances at.
Remember the Bus Stop? Remember all those moves we used to do? Did you know that most of those moves were never part of the official dance as Rick and I made them up, but everybody wanted to learn to do the Hustle and the Bus Stop!
Remember Perry Clark (I don't know what school he was from) in his John Travolta White on White leisure suit, out there on the dance floor at all of the high school dances, showing off his "every move memorized" re-enaction of the dance scenes from Saturday Night Fever?
Remember Rondeau Park and the hazy weekend camping excursions...or for some of us, learning how to ski behind your girlfriend's father's boat on Lake Erie?
What was the common thread throughout all of those experiences???

It was that all of these things were experienced with your best friends! These are the people for whom you would drag your butt out of bed at the ghastly early hour of NOON or maybe a bit later if the plans were too laid back. These are the people who you lied to your parents about where you were going and how long you would be gone with! These are the people of your youth - for many, the best years of your life!!
Today, Right now, you have a great opportunity to reconnect with those great times and those great people. For most of us, we lost track of many of these people more years ago than we care to remember, and it could have been over the awkwardness of losing your girlfriend to your best friend. It could have been that we decided that our future's would diverge as one went on to university in Toronto, one went to Fanshawe, one went to St.Clair and the other went to work in a grocery store. It could have been as simple as our life's dreams and goals started to expand past the local hangouts and campgrounds and we thought that we no longer had anything in common with our friends.
As we grew up, we got our jobs, got married, had children and built families of our own. We started new circles of friends, based upon our new occupation and our kids play and sports groups. We found our lives taken up with these new activities and had another sense of fulfillment in these new friends.
For many of us, our kids are now grown or almost grown, we have changed jobs a few times and our friendship circle has evolved. For some of us, the people we hung around with in our early adult lives has evolved into something completely different than those new "lifelong" friends we thought we had made when we "grew up."
But let me ask you this...other than one or two people you may have let get close enough to you in your adult life - and likely not even them - who knew you like your high school friends? Who knew what you were thinking just by looking at the expression on your face, even though the words coming out of your mouth may have involved a completely different subject?
This reunion, for some of you will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get back to those days when you and your friends hung out and were just "kids." Remember being teenagers in your parents' basement with the music playing and the lights low, and the occasional obvious clank and rattle as mom or dad would come down to check on you, hoping that he would not be embarrassed by what they found?"
When I think about my days as a teenager, and these were the days at Tecumseh, these are the things that come back to me. For me it is Rick Starks, Richard Youngs, Dan Foster, Susan Brooksbank, Bernie Martin (R.I.P. my dear friend), The Wolanskis, Mike Ondrovcik and Penny Morris, Terry Emans, Dave Colby and Dan Peltier (dragging my ass down the hallways), Pat Faubert and his "always the life of the party" sense of humor. It was Janine Bell, Cam Innes and Nancy Solski and the Busker concert and a host of other great people in my life; and it was the fabulous Tecumseh Dances!! All of those people in the gym, listening and dancing to the music and waiting to see what the newest song from my latest trip to Detroit would bring...
Our reunion is in less than a month.
Unless we are able to get an extension on ticket sales, ticket sales CLOSE IN FOUR DAYS!
We have a great showing for this party already and those who are coming are coming expecting to reconnect with their friends from their childhood and have a great time, and they want to see YOU!!
Today, right now - do yourself a favor (whether you know it or not) and buy your tickets to this reunion. Even if you are a local Chathamite and see many of these people regularly, I can assure you that "IT AIN'T THE SAME!!!"
Tickets may be purchased online securely by going to www.tecumsehreunion.com/tickets.htm. When you get to that page, look for this:
Tickets (Online Ticketing Service Charge Added)

Click on the down arrow to the right of "all inclusive - Alumni...to see your ticket package purchase options. Make your selection from the list and follow the instructions to make payment. You can pay using any credit card you may own or you may pay using Paypal.
Once payment has been completed, you will be directed to a page where you can sign up for activities of the weekend. This helps us to determine how many people we need to plan for at each event, so please fill this out for us.
...or because the postal system is not an option at this time, you may drop off payment to anyone on the organizing committee.
In Chatham, you may deliver payment to Sue Cummings at:
142 Canterbury Street
In London you may deliver payment to myself, Scott Primeau at:
916 Oxford Street West
If you live in other areas and are looking for a way to drop payment off, please contact me and I will do what I can to help you.
The starting times for the events of the weekend have now been posted at www.tecumsehreunion.com/schedule.htm. There may be minor tweaks to this as we get closer, but as it stands, these are the official times of the events.
Some people are asking how they know who is coming to the reunion...
If you go to this address: http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/Secure/Class%20List.asp and look on that page, you will see a list of all who went to Tecumseh from 1970-1979. Beside many names, you will see a check mark. The check mark indicates that this person has bought and paid for his or her ticket(s) for the reunion. Others yet will have ** next to their names. This is an indicator that this person has registered on the website and has provided some or all of their contact information. For many, it shows that they intend to come to the reunion but have not yet made their ticket purchase. As they purchase their tickets, we will add a check mark next to their name. More check marks are being added every day!
We are getting down to the end of the planning and promotion stage of this reunion and very soon we will be into the events themselves. Soon, you will no longer have this newsletter to look forward to or ignore, as the case may be. Soon, all the hype that you have been experiencing since the first of the year will be over and everything will be as it was before.
If you found yourself smiling even once while reading the newsletter and finding that something I, or someone else said tweaked a pleasant memory for you, then you will benefit by coming to the reunion. Whether you know it or not, each of you who are reading this newsletter have been an integral part of the Tecumseh Class of 1970-1980 Reunion, as this reunion started and has really been ongoing on since the first of January; so let's follow this thing to it's logical conclusion and get together in person!!

All the best!
Scott Primeau

Copyright 2016 - D. Scott Primeau
All Rights Reserved