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Summer - by War
Ridin' 'round town with all the windows down
Eight track playin' all your fav'rite sounds
The rhythm of the bongos fill the park
The street musicians tryin' to get a start

'Cause it's summer
Summer time is here
Yes it's summer
My time of year
Yes it's summer
My time of year




Crunch time!!
We are now just over a month away from our 1970s Tecumseh reunion and ticket sales are continuing to come in at a steady rate, however we are still not at a break even point. We need your support, and why wouldn't you want to...this is going to be a great weekend of activities!

For a schedule of events, go to www.tecumsehreunion.com/Schedule.htm


Ticket Sales
I have spoken with a number of people who have indicated that they still intend to buy their tickets, however one thing or another has allowed them to procrastinate. It is now Crunch time! We need to sell nearly 100 more weekend tickets to break even, so let's get this party off the ground!! The more tickets we sell, the better the experience for you as a participant - We will be able to purchase more and better raffle and door prizes for the evening and there will also be more of your classmates to reconnect with.
We have seen a surge in ticket sales from class of 1975 and this trend is continuing. In fact, if it keeps up, class of 76 may be in danger of being shown up! Now we cannot have that!!
Among those who purchased tickets this week are:
Ellen Sennema (75)
Judy Todgham (75)
Betty Kotsopoulos (80)
Michelle Manley (80)
Steve Brown (78)
Yvette Dozois (78)
Bill Wynveen (71)
Donna Ramsz (71)
Joan Van De Weerde (79)
Cathy Ramsdale (77)
Mike Polowick (77)
Jim Demers (75)
Sandy Rizzetto (Teacher)
Dan Peltier (73)
Erica Roth (73)
Paul Tunks (73)
Monica Scheibli (73)
Maureen Sullivan (73)
Elisa Smyth (Teacher)
Graham Smyth (Teacher)
I know I have missed some, but as you can see, people are jumping on board and the participation is at all levels. What I would like to know is, what happened to class of 77? Although there are a couple of 77s in there this week, there is not so much the rally that was envisioned by my good friend, Tom O'Brien when he called the troops to the front line against class of 76! Looks like Primeau and his band of Merry Men (and women) are going to stomp all over class of 77!!

But hey...you still have time to kick it into gear and give us a tasty feast of crow!
What has proven to be the nice surprise of the week is the flurry of registrations from Class of 1973! I am pleased to see the number of people from that year who have purchased their tickets. I am still waiting for Pat Faubert to buy his ticket. I can't believe that even the ever-persuasive Dave Colby hasn't been able to secure a ticket sale from Pat. I truly hope that he will get his ticket soon, as the reunion just won't be the same without my good friend, Pat at the party! ...and where is Mike Romiscon??
BTW - have you looked at the list of teachers who are coming out to the reunion? The list is getting longer and stronger every day! Thanks for the great response!! I don't know if it's the wine or the cheese or my magnetic personality that is drawing them...(I'll take door number one, Monty) but I know that they will have a great time reconnecting with each other officially for the first time and also reconnecting with the very people responsible for all those gray hairs! It was even hinted to me that Valda Schaller is considering making an appearance! I haven't heard from her personally, but I have it on good authority that she is watching the planning and preparation with great interest, so just in case, make sure you brush up on your Latin and always remember, "semper ubi sub ubi!"


Website Registrations
We still have many people registering their info at www.Tecumsehreunion.com, which means that many of you are still talking up this reunion. Interestingly, many of the registrants are from distances. I am pleased that many of you continue to pursue your fellow former classmates and send them to the website to register. Once these new registrants pick up their reunion tickets, we will have a great weekend!!
Among those who have registered this week are:
Claudette Belanger
Bonnie Bigley
Lynn O'Neil
Linda Bell
Marilyn Stubberfield
Shawne Keech


Message from Sue Eagleson:
"Be there or be square!!

Come and enrich your life reconnecting with your friends that helped to make you the person you are today. I am looking forward to seeing my old friends from the years I was at Tecumseh. It will be great to hang out with you again and catch up! Just remember that I will have to pull out my "special" glasses in order to read your name tag!"


Reunion Committee Meeting
We had the latest meeting of the reunion committee on Saturday and we are now getting down to the final touches, as we start assigning people to tasks for the weekend of the reunion.
If you are able to help with setup, teardown, social aspects or general tasks, please make your availability known so that we may put you with the proper committee. Those who have expressed a willingness to help in the past will be contacted and assigned their tasks as volunteered. Thank you to all who are helping out with making the reunion weekend come together!


Commemorative Plaque Dedication
Please do not forget about the dedication of the commemorative plaque that will be placed on the school Saturday afternoon, July 23. The brief ceremony will commence at 2:00PM. This is something that you will not want to miss. This ceremony is open to anyone who would like to attend, regardless of your affiliation with Tecumseh or any of the class years represented in the reunion effort.
Peter Stanojevic is putting a tremendous effort into making this ceremony special and it will be great to see a nice turnout for this unveiling.


The Voices of the Festivities
After much contract negotiation, as they are on separate labels, we have secured our celebrity rappers for the weekend! In a "One Time Only - Not To Be Missed" pairing, Bob Ripley and Alex Moir (Class of 71
and 72 respectively) have agreed to co-MC our weekend events. This is indeed a coup as these rappers are from different hoods and their gangs are very large and powerful! Fortunately for all, both their gangs have the same leader!
They have decided to come together for a throwdown rap-off, just like Eminem in 8 Mile (or not..)
Anyway, with the "Bob and Alex" Show featured in our weekend, we are sure to have a fun and interesting time! Stay tuned for more!!


Lost Alumni
This week's list of lost alumni includes the following people:
Arlene Jackson
Susan Gilbert
Janice Burke
Russell Bailey - he is on Facebook - does anyone have his contact info???
Rick Allemeersch
Craig Bigley
Brenda Bailey
Perry Lane
Paul Curtin
Dawn Dixon
Jeff Barnes
Sherri Adams
Leigh Ann Braithwaite
Melody Johnston
Please help us to find these people and let them know that time is running out to get involved with this reunion!


Tecumseh Trivia
Once again with the highest score on the Trivia Challenge is Debbie Vellinga! Congrats, Debbie!! Honorable mentions go to Chris Foster and Toni Benning.
Be sure to take the Tecumseh Trivia Challenge and see if you can get the high score next week!
The answers to last week's Trivia Challenge were as follows:
1) Who's Grad Photo caption read, "Known as "Dumb Barb", has been a good intramural participator. This unsuitably named girl plans a career in Data Processing"?
2) Guess what Canadian had their first #1 hit on the US charts in 1970?
3) White Band
4) This became a US National Historic Landmark in 1972:   Yellowstone National Park
    Steamtown National Historic Site
    Carlsbad Caverns National Park
    Alcatraz Island
5) Outa   time
6) Who had written under their grad photo, "Being at Tecumseh for the first year can be an experience. We're proud of our school, we hope you are too."?
7) Who wrote Barry Manilow's 1976 hit "I Write The Songs"?   Paul Anka
    Eric Carmen
    Neil Diamond
    Bruce Johnston
8) What member of the class of 1976 went on to join the famous "Snowbirds"
9) Which of the following artists held the world record of 40 weeks on the charts with "I Go Crazy"?   Mac David
    Paul Simon
    Paul Davis
    Paul Anka
10) Vicki Lawrence's #1 smash "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" was written by   Snuff Garrett
    Bobby Russell
    Sonny Bono
    Glenn Campbell

All The Best,

Scott Primeau

Copyright 2016 - D. Scott Primeau
All Rights Reserved