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Well, today I am recuperating after an exhausting but fun day, hosting a back yard Baby-Que for my oldest son, his wife and their forthcoming baby. We had 85 people in our backyard and the constant threat of rain. The rain stayed away, the temperature was perfect and even the sun made an appearance toward the end of the day.
A number of our best friends from Tecumseh were on hand to help us celebrate the day and in the end, it turned out to be a perfect day!


Chatter and Banter
Another Sunday morning and another reunion newsletter. I hope some of you are finding the newsletter informative if not interesting, and from the shout-outs that are starting to emanate from y'all, it is starting to look like we are getting some help from the masses with this reunion, and for that I am pleased and thankful!


I just read Bob Ripley's most recent column.
This week the topic of his column is reunions and although you will have to locate his column and read the entirety of it for yourself, I hope he won't mind if I lift the part that pertains to you and I specifically today:
"...But 40 years after scattering from our humble high school, some of our class congregated at a local restaurant for a reunion last Saturday. It was one of those events you approach with dread and desire; front-loaded with expectations and back-ended with the reality of the high school experience writ on a more human scale.
We were the Braves of Tecumseh, the Shawnee warrior who fought with the British against invading Americans and was killed almost 200 years ago in 1813 near the mission village of Moraviantown. Today we are a mishmash of boomers with a shared memory of the same school. With the ease of e-mail, word of the date and place got out. Not everyone could make it. Some have died.
Some have moved too far away. Some were busy. But some came: the jock, the science nerds and class clown now morphed into physicians, teachers and nurses, all identifiable with a double take and frantic flip through the nearby pile of yearbooks. Jane, who does research into how the brain ages. Bill the family physician. Don who still makes me laugh. Retirees and grandparents. Together in one place.
If hearing an oldie on the radio is a shot of nostalgia, then a school reunion is the keg. Given the content and tone of the conversation, reunions revisit and re-evaluate the pleasure and pathos of memories, projected against the backdrop of classmates, and bring us a fresh understanding of self. The long-suppressed scars of injustices and the bliss of new-found freedoms, all surface. You realize now more than ever before, that seemingly insignificant choices have lasting consequences. What if I had? What if I hadn't?
High school reunions can go one of two ways. You can go from the present to the past and remember how things used to be when we were young. Or you can summon the past into the present as a widow remembers her mate and he's there. When Jesus said, "Do this in remembrance of me," it wasn't an invitation to stroll down memory lane.
Next month there is a '70s reunion of all those who graduated from my school in the 1970s, together in one place - Chatham. Former students are coming from all over the globe. I can't wait.
You see, I loved my five years at Tecumseh high school. I have saved the paraphernalia and have found our occasional reunions to be a rich and poignant reminder that fellow students and teachers are still with me in some mysterious way.
Despite the addition of a few pounds and a few grandchildren, we are basically the same people we were 40 years ago. And reunions make us aware of the time that is irretrievable and time that remains."


A Note from Gisele (Grison) Bourdeau:
"Hey Classmates!

I was talking to Randy Filby earlier and we thought it was time to rally the troops. We’d love to see our class of ‘75 outnumber the class of ’76 in attendance but right now the ‘76ers are leading the pack so if you’ve been procrastinating or have been undecided about attending…please don’t wait any longer..now is the time to get your tickets! Let’s alleviate Scott’s stress and make this the great event that he and his team have worked so hard to organize and at the same time leave the class of ’76 in our dust!

I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone next month and sharing some wonderful memories.


A Follow-Up From Randy Filby:

"Hello Class of '75ers

I just received Gisele's call to the troops. We were only talking last night but she stayed up late to get this ball rolling. We are both looking forward to this weekend and are trying to inspire more of you to jump on board.

Some of us went through 13 years of education together. There are some of you I hardly knew! I must say that I have family relatives I hardly know or have never met, but we spent 6-7 hours a day, 5 days a week over many years together. We shared lots of time and reuniting one last time to share those good (and bad) old memories would be fantastic. To my knowledge our class has never had a reunion. I never imagined I would attend one, but for some reason at this stage in my life, I'm Ramped for it!
Let's get together, go back in time, share our life journeys no matter what they be and have a great time together.

Ticket sales close at the end of the month so time is running out. Let's get on board, rally more classmates that are not on the reunion site, and build one more memory together to last us through our pending geriatric future. Scott Primeau has put in so much time and effort into this reunion because he knows how great it can be. Let's prove him right!

Randy Filby
Grade 13 dropout :("

A Note From Randa (Rossini) Speller:

"Hey, anyone up for volleyball during Reunion weekend?

Poor numbers so far - this will be strictly recreational, no skill or bikini-ready body required!

I know I have no right to ask this of you, having been only scorer or timer on high school sports teams during my tenure at TSS, but I've evolved into a GREAT volleyball mom... c'mon, sign up so we can hold space at Players Club - great venue, my kids play there :-)"

A Message from Sue (Walczak) Cummings:

"This week`s ticket sales are from:

Sherri (Challis) Lenover – 75
Carole and Jim Noble
Gisele ( Grison) Bourdeau – 75

However, many alumni have let us know their intent to purchase their tickets this week.

Ticket sales by year:

1st Place – 76 ( still way in the lead!!!)
2nd Place – 75 ( way to go 75!)
3rd Place - 77
Following close behind are 78, 79, 80, and 74

Chathamites are lagging in sales. Common locals! Show your TSS spirit. Don`t wait till the last minute to make your commitment.

Tickets can be made by PayPal or by sending your ticket order form and cheque to:

Tecumseh Reunion
c/o Sue Cummings
142 Canterbury St.
Chatham ON N7L 3S7 "

Website Registrations

Among those who registered this week at www.Tecumsehreunion.com are:

Doug Rylett
Lori Price
Karen Prout
Sandra Travis
Rick Dubeau
Patti VanDenBossche
Henri Haggeman
Ed Peszat

Another good week for registrations - now let's turn those registrations into ticket sales. We want to see all of you out at your reunion the weekend of July 23!!


Ticket Sales
Ticket sales were a bit weak this week. I suspect that it was because I shot my mouth off last week and said I thought things were really kicking up, so I needed some grounding. Please help us to make this reunion a great event and buy your tickets now!
We have heard from a number of people who have not bought their tickets yet, but intend to. Did you know that in the time it takes to tell us you are going to buy your tickets, you could actually do it?!?!
To buy your tickets safely and securely online or by mail, go to www.tecumsehreunion.com/tickets.htm and select your choice from the drop down menu, or scroll down for the printable ticket mail-order form. Get your tickets today!!

While I am on tickets, please be aware that when you purchase your tickets, the tickets themselves are conceptual. What we do is add your names to our master registry for the package that you purchase tickets for. We then place a check mark next to your name on the website. When you arrive at the reunion, you will register with our reunion crew and receive a wristband that will reflect the ticket package you have chosen for the weekend.
If available, upgrades to your package may be made at the time you check in, however if you have purchased a Friday only ticket and want to upgrade it to a Saturday ticket, this must be done before July 11, as the caterer cannot accommodate you after that date.
Don't forget, we only have a few more weeks before ticket sales close, and the event is now only 5 WEEKS AWAY!!!


Talk It Up! - Excitement Is Contagious!!
Someone posted a message this week saying that he wasn't bringing up the subject of the reunion to people unless they brought it up first, because, in his opinion, people have their own reasons for attending or not attending the reunion and that the effort will catch on in time. While I respect the viewpoint expressed, my response was as follows:
"Time is the one thing we are running out of. The thing about reunions is that is talk and enthusiasm that creates interest. Lack of talk and enthusiasm makes people think that you are not interested either.

It is in your best interest to encourage others to attend as this will make for a much more successful experience.

Our committee has worked tirelessly to provide the best possible experience for this weekend. Please show them that you appreciate it by helping to promote the reunion!"
I would hope that you would want to share your excitement about the upcoming reunion and help to convince other people with whom you went to school that they should be excited too. It is the excitement that you exude that will create excitement and anticipation in others!


Friday Night Movie
As of the end of last week, the most votes for our Friday Night movie were for American Graffiti. After a strong campaign by Marlene (Martincich) Foster, the voting this week favors Saturday Night Fever. There is a write-in campaign afoot to include the movie "Dazed and Confused" even though this movie was not released until the nineties. It does, however somewhat accurately portray high school life and attitudes (and nails the music) of the mid seventies. There are a number of themes that we, as Canadians will not relate to, but I can see why those who want to write in the movie as one in the running would do so.

The list of movies presented for voting were presented as the top 10 rated movies of the 1970s. Once again, they are:
American Graffiti
The Godfather
The Exorcist
Close Encounters of The Third Kind
Star Wars
Saturday Night Fever
Young Frankenstein
Please register your vote for the movie you would most like to see at the Capitol on Friday. The movie with the most votes will be the movie we view!


Lost Alumni
This week's list of lost alumni includes the following people:
Barb Atkinson
Paul Walters
Terrie Weber
Yvonne Grabb
Beth Ann MacIntosh
Keith Boundy
Marian Adams
Frank Barlywicz
Lynn Glover
Ryan Casier
Patty Reaume
Sheryl Inns
Mike O'Brien
Susan Herman
Please help us to locate these people!


Tecumseh Trivia
This past week, Debbie Vellinga proved that she is the trivia superstar with a very impressive perfect score!! Right behind her with 9 out of 10 was "Your Name" which is this week's pseudonym used by Brian Irving. Excellent work!!
The answers to last week's trivia challenge were as follows:
1) Who's Grad Photo caption read, "Has really been a good sport in more ways than one. He has taken a lot of kidding from his classmates about his background and will still do the favor of picking up and delivering parcels for them. Our football team…"?
2) Unscramble the letters to name this 1970's artist - STEROMAIH
3) Unscramble the letters to name this 1970's artist - TCA VEETSNS
4) What famous Rocker sang backup vocals on Carly Simon's "You're So Vain"?
5) Who stated under their grad photo, "I have been searching for a meaning. Slowly but surely, I'm finding it. When I do, think of the possibilities! I hope for you, my friend, that you also find it."?
6) Who stated under their grad photo, "As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point your way."?
7) Who wrote Eric Clapton's #1 1974 hit "I Shot The Sheriff"?   Leon Russell
    J.J. Cale
    Bob Marley
    Robert Cray
8) Who stated under their grad photo, "Time passed so fast in these five years past. Now it's time to leave my school, with a 13 diploma as my tool. This school is the best, but I need a rest."?
9) What band took its name from a 1972 Jeff Bridges Movie?   Bread
    REO Speedwagon
    Bad Company
    Blue Suede
10) Before fronting Blondie, Deborah Harry had a job as a   Waitress
    Tour Guide
    Playboy Bunny
    Go-Go Dancer

All The Best,

Scott Primeau

© Copyright 2016 - D. Scott Primeau
All Rights Reserved