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...So does that mean - class of 70 turns.....60 !?!?!?


Just back from another weekend at the Beach House and what a wonderful weekend it was!
My Darlin' bride, Lori (Robbins - Class of 80) turned 50 on Saturday and we had a small but wonderful party for her at the beach house in Erie Beach. A number of our good Tecumseh friends were on hand to help her celebrate, bringing the party to us rather than us bringing the party to everyone else. A very nice turn indeed!!

The sun was shining and humidity made itself scarce with barely a breeze, allowing for a wonderful evening fire on the beach...I LOVE SUMMER!!!


While we were away, a number of good things happened...

Closer To Home
My very good friend and co-conspirator on this committee, Dan Foster has purchased his retirement condo here in London, just around the corner from our house. He will not be moving here for another year but it is now confirmed that Dan and his lovely wife, Shelley will be moving from Ottawa to London - a little closer to home!


Class of 71 - 40th Anniversary Party
Class of 1971 had their 40th anniversary class reunion in London at Tony's Italian Restaurant. I have not yet been given a report to publish, however my information is that there was a decent turnout and many who were there are committed to coming to our big reunion next month. Ticket sales for class of 71 are expected to spike any minute now!! We are very much looking forward to seeing all of you class of 71 folks out at our major reunion, the weekend of July 23!


Website Registrations
We also had a good number of registrants on our website this week, indicating that those of you out there who know about the reunion are chatting it up and helping us to locate people. Among those who registered this week are:
John Haggeman
Krys Wlodarczyk
Pete Jamieson
Warren Delyzer
Cathy Merritt
Dennis Dutry
Betty Kotsopoulos
Chris Prout
Fran Cadotte
Donna Ramsz
Bruno Padovan
A great showing and what's even better is that these names run the gamut of years represented by our reunion effort!


Ticket Sales Off And Running - and - THE CHALLENGE!!
We also had a good week for ticket sales and they too show that many of the other years are working to (try to) catch class of 76 and their wonderful showing in ticket purchases.
Tom O'Brien sent out an email to his former classmates from 1977 challenging them to outnumber class of 76 at the reunion, calling us "Primeau and his band of Merry Men (and I am sure he meant to say women)".
We'll see if he can pull it off, but I can't see anyone outdoing THE BEST YEAR EVER TO GRACE THE HALLS OF TECUMSEH!!!! YEAAHH BABY!!!!
He has, however had a bit of a surge in ticket sales representing his class, so let's see what happens....
I personally challenge anyone to outperform class of 76 for ticket sales - there are a few out there edging up, but lets see if anyone can make "Primeau and his band of Merry Men (and of course women) eat crow! This, of course, is also a call to arms to Class of 76 to kick it into high gear and show everyone else who shines!
Michael Alexander has also been in touch with many from his class year 1974 and has had some success with that, so maybe we have a horse race going here...
Among those who purchased tickets this past week are:
Warren Delyzer (75)
Al Tayles (75)
Bill McCready (75)
Cathy Merritt (75)
Don Morrow (77)
Penny Mills (77)
Peggy Mills (73)
Pete Jamieson (74)
Ramona Scheibli (78)
Mark Tilley (78)
Cherie Campbell (74)
Julius Deroo (Teacher)
I am pleased to see such a cross section of ticket purchasers coming on board representing their class years. Keep up the great work and we will blow the doors off this thing!! Don't forget that the official close of ticket sales is June 30, so time is running out to get your tickets. Do it today, so you don't forget!!
To buy your tickets safely online or by mail, go to www.Tecumsehreunion.com/tickets.htm and follow the directions on that page.


Good Things Come From Reunions
I have heard from many people since the inception of the reunion planning and what I keep hearing from people is how wonderful it is to be able to reconnect with their former classmates (and in most cases very close friends) who, because of changing life directions, starting families and diverging career paths lost touch with each other. Because of the ability to go to the website and look up your former classmates, and toss them an email of a phone call, many of you are reconnecting for the first time in 30 - 40 years and it is like you were never apart. To reconnect with your former classmates, go to http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/Secure/Class%20List.asp and click on a name to reconnect. If there is contact information available, you will be able to send an email or make a phone call to reconnect. If there is not information available and you know how to get in touch with these people, please help us out and provide us with this information.
This is how it was with our first reunion for class of 76, five years ago. I had lost touch with nearly all of my former classmates and in the process of putting our reunion together, I was able to reconnect with some very close friends from the past; but even nicer than that - I was able to forge new friendships with people I went to school with. Many of us found that 30 years later, we had more in common than we did when we were kids, trying to discover our place in life. The connections that I made back then have resulted in what I consider to be lifelong friendships from here on in, and some of my closest friends today are people I went to Tecumseh with but hadn't seen in some 30 years!
Some of us have had great successes in our lives; some of us have had our share of struggles, and some of us (like me) are still trying to figure out what we are going to do when we grow up. Whatever hand life has dealt you matters not for our purposes. Our goal is to bring back the group of kids that hung out in the halls and the grad room at Tecumseh for a weekend of fun and reconnection. If you come to it with that attitude, you will undoubtedly have the time of your life.
This is not a time impress the world with all of your successes or to wallow in your shortcomings, but rather to be the kid we knew and loved back in the days when the world was waiting for us to make our mark and we were ten feet tall and bulletproof!!
The other thing that has made a tremendous difference for those who have participated is the Facebook group. I have watched as people have come onto the Facebook group with few to no Tecumseh alumni on their friend list. All of a sudden they have a dozen or more new additional friends from Tecumseh that they are communicating with regularly - and also participating in the discussions and trivia on the Tecumseh Secondary School Class of 70-80 Reunion group page!


Lost Alumni
We continue to have success with our "lost alumni" list. This weeks list is as follows:
Mary Jankowski
Sylvie Binet
Rick Mindorff
Mike Kehoe
Ed Boone
Chris Litschko
Rob Willard
Perry Lane
Maxine Brown
Mark Delait
Karen Fanelli
Jill Brodie
Denise Denomy
Cheryl Hyatt
This list represents one name from each year represented by our reunion effort. Please help us to locate these and any other people you know who went to Tecumseh in the 70s.


Tecumseh Trivia
This week, Debbie Vellinga came up as the overall winner of our Tecumseh Trivia Challenge with an impressive 70 out of 10 correct answers. Be sure to take the challenge to see if you can do better next week.
The answers to last week's Trivia Challenge were as follows:
1) Who's Grad Photo caption read, "Who also made the big switch to our school, this year became a lab assistant and camera man for Mr. Deroo. Dave will attend university next year."?
2) Who's Grad Photo caption read, "Grade 13 has turned a former shy-boy Benjamin into a present Play-boy Benny! Could the girls have finally taken effect, or is it just the magazines he reads? Ben, a former football player will attend U of Windsor…"?
3) Who were the Kent "A" Mixed Doubles Tennis Champions in in 1972?   Clare Weirsma & Beth Ann Macintosh
    Ken Lozon & Sharon Driscoll
    Lee Armstrong & Shae Lynn Bourne
    Dwight Clark & Joanne McCready
4) Who was Tecumseh's candidate for Miss Red Feather in 1970?
5) Who stated under their grad photo, "Thanks teachers for your patience and help. Thanks to my friends and all of my fellow Grads for making the past 5 years unforgettable. Good luck next year, everybody."?
6) Who stated under their grad photo, "I would like to especially thank Ms. Eva Galos, who in the last few months, has given me more than I could ever repay"?
7) Who stated under their grad photo, "A smile is God's hand on a troubled world. So keep on smiling, kids."?
8) The low spark of
9) Who won the 1975 Grammy for best new artist?   Natalie Cole
    Barry Manilow
    Captain & Tenille
10) Bob Seger's "Still The Same" came from what smash album?   Stranger In Town
    Night Moves
    Against the Wind
    Nine Tonight

All The Best,

Scott Primeau

© Copyright 2016 - D. Scott Primeau
All Rights Reserved