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And I say - It's all right...




May Two-Four weekend is here and what can I say - Sunshine at last!!

Normally, we have our yard ready for summer before the end of April, however this year we have not been able to string two days together with enough warmth or dryness to inspire us to get out and get the drab, gray look out of the yard. Yesterday was the day!!

All the deck furniture is in place, the gazebo is back up and we are ready for the summer parties!

...now if only we could get the rain to stay away...

Ticket Sales

Once again, we have had another good week for ticket sales. Looks like people are finally starting to make the leap and commit to our reunion. We are starting to sell tickets to most years represented by this effort and for that we are pleased!

Among those who have purchased their tickets this week are Dick Roe, Clara Oost, Jim Kirwin and Deb Springer. Let's keep those ticket sales coming and have the best reunion we can! Remember that the success of this reunion depends on the participation we have from you, so please get on board and buy your tickets today!!

Don't forget - ticket sales officially close on June 30, so time is running out! Only those who have made prior arrangements to purchase their tickets after the close of ticket sales will be permitted to buy tickets without a surcharge.

Website Registrations

Registrations are continuing to pour in again this week so we know that the word is out there. Among those who registered at www.Tecumsehreunion.com this week are the following:

Joan Stang
Pat Brodie
Cathy Dutka
Dave Brown
Tracy Blonde
Bev Parry

This list represents a good cross section of the years represented by our reunion effort and the registrations continue to come in. It is obvious that there is interest in this reunion or we wouldn't have the number of registrations we have. At present, we have over 600 staff and alumni registered on the website, so there is certainly enough people already located to ensure of a tremendously successful weekend!

Website Photos

Be sure to check out the newly posted candid photos on the website. Dan Foster has been doing an incredible job of getting the candids, teams & clubs and faculty photos up on the site. Sue (Walkom) Eagleson and myself have been working to get the class photos up and we have less than half a dozen class years to be posted. We should have most of them up in the next week or two!

Class of 71 Class Reunion Venue Changed

I received an email from Ann (Parker) Lenk this week asking me to announce that the planned reunion of Class of 71 will be moved from Springbank Park in London to Tony's Italian Restaurant on Springbank Drive, just down the street. The get together is planned for Saturday, June 4.

The announcement is as follows:
Tony's Italian Restaurant @ 426 Springbank Drive, London

All 1971 grads and friends please come for lunch @ 1 p.m. & stay as long as you like.

A variety of pizzas, coffee, tea, fountain soft drinks, house & Caesar salads will be served buffet style for the all inclusive price of only $14.50 per person.

No need to pay in advance, just bring the cash with you on the day, but we would like to give the restaurant an idea of the number of people to expect, so please RSVP to Ann ( Parker ) Lenk at jlenk@odyssey.on.ca before May 31st.
We are hoping to have a representative onsite that will enable those in attendance to buy tickets for our 1970s decade reunion, so please bring your check books in the event that we are able to work this out.


Friday Night Movie
As promised, I have compiled a list of 10 possible movie choices for our Friday Night movie night at the Capitol Theatre. Below are 10 of the most popular movies of the 70s:
American Graffiti
The Godfather
The Exorcist
Close Encounters of The Third Kind
Star Wars
Saturday Night Fever
Young Frankenstein
Please let us know by return email, which movie is your choice for the Friday Night movie screening. The movie with the most votes will be selected to be viewed on the big screen at the Capitol Theatre on Friday, July 22.
Tickets for this event are included in the "All Inclusive" package but if you are only able to come to the Friday night event, tickets are only $15.00 per person and may be purchased easily online at www.Tecumsehreunion.com/tickets.htm. Click on the drop-down menu and make your selection. You may pay safely and securely online or you may fill in the ticket order form and mail in your payment to Sue Cummings at 142 Canterbury Ave in Chatham. Complete address details may be found on the order form.

Teachers, don't forget that when you attend the Friday night Movie event, you are also entitled to the complimentary wine and cheese reception that is planned for you prior to the commencement of the movie reception.

Please make your intention to attend this event known to us so that we may be able to notify our food and wine provider the numbers of those in attendance.

Lost Alumni

We have been reasonably successful in locating our lost alumni through our posted listings. This week, we are looking for the following lost alumni:


Please help us to find these people. Also, please take a look at the back issues of our newsletters at www.Tecumsehreunion.com/Newsletters.htm to see if you can help us locate anyone listed previously as lost alumni.

Who's Registered and Who's coming???

If you want to know the answer to that question, check out the class list page at www.tecumsehreunion.com/Secure/Class%20List.asp (You can click on that link) and look at the names on the list. If you see a ** next to a name, it means that we have obtained some, if not all contact information for that person. If you see a check mark next to their name, it means that this person has actually stepped up and purchased their tickets to the reunion and will be in attendance.

Please help us to increase the numbers of people who not only have ** next to their names, but also those who have check marks next to their names. If you know someone on the list who has not been found, please let us know their email address or telephone number so that we may contact them and send them our newsletter. If you see someone there who has not purchased their ticket, please give them a call and let them know that they will be missed and that you are looking forward to seeing them!!

Afternoon of Motown After the Reunion

It has been brought to my attention that Blutonium, the band that will be playing for our Thursday evening event at the Players Club will be playing a Motown show at Smith and Wilson Winery, just outside of Cedar Springs. They recently played a Rhythm and Blues night at this venue and it sold out quickly. I have not been provided with ticket prices, however you may call Smith and Wilson directly to get your tickets if you are looking for a nice way to wind down your reunion weekend!

Tecumseh Trivia

Last week, because of pressing personal business, I was unable to update the trivia page, so there are no superstars or answers to share with you this week. Please be sure to take the trivia challenge this week (In fact, take it twice - once for last week) and show us that you have superior knowledge of your time at Tecumseh!!

All the best,

Scott Primeau

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