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Another late newsletter - I know - what a slacker!!

We spent the weekend at the beach house getting it ready for summer and redoing the bedrooms. We are very exhausted but satisfied that much was accomplished. In this case, the rain really helped us because if it had been warm and sunny (which it was certainly NOT) we would have lost our ambition and spent our time outside enjoying the weather.
Website Registrations
On the reunion front, things continue to move forward and more people are registering at www.Tecumsehreunion.com. Among those newly registered this week are Jamie Johnson, Dana Edgell, Robert Greenhalgh, Maria Lozer and long lost Mark Halinaty. Welcome, all - to your Tecumseh Reunion!
Our organizing committee has been busy making phone calls this week and will continue to do so. If you get a call from one of our organizers, please help them out by providing any information you may have on siblings that went to Tecumseh or other former classmates that you can help us find.
Lost Alumni
Our lost alumni list did not produce much fruit this week, however we will continue to look for those people. Please take a look at our past newsletters to see if you can help us locate anyone on our previous lost alumni lists. All past newsletters, going right back to the first one can be found at www.tecumsehreunion.com/Newsletters/Newsletters.htm. You can click on any date shown on that page and it will bring up the newsletter that was published on that date. It will also make for interesting reading to those who have missed them.
This week, we are looking for the following people:
David Taylor
Paul Walters
Al Ytsma
Paul Beaman
Bonnie Bigley
Roger Van Bastelaar
Julie Tomaszewski
Karen Cumming
Ruth Field
Jeff Boismier
Marcy Gobert
Marlene Basiaco
Marianne Randle
Carmen Edgell
Liz Hanley
Can you help us to find these people??

Ticket Sales
Ticket sales continue to roll on as well. We are pleased to see that there has not been a week go by that has not seen more tickets sold.

This past week, I posted the following on our Facebook group:
"If you look at class of 1976, you will see that more tickets have been sold to them than any other group. I headed up the Class of 76 reunion for 30 years, back five years ago and it was a tremendous amount of fun and highly successful! I can't help feeling that the success of that reunion has something to do with why this group is eager to get their tickets to the next reunion. Do you think they might know something.....???? Buy your tickets today and find out why it is that these people are so eager to attend their Tecumseh reunion.
...and lets see if your class can blow class of 76 right out of the water in ticket sales!!"

Support Your Reunion!
I can tell you that your reunion organizing committee is working overtime to make sure your weekend of fun and reconnection in July is the best you'll ever experience. As we have said before, we have people coming from all over the world as well as from all over the continent, and they are all coming with their best party attitudes - ready to "Kick it!" Keep those ticket sales rolling!

Hey Kids! Check it Out!!

Our promotions and door prizes committee - headed by Janice Lally has scored some really nice items for the reunion, including a very special VIP Vault tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! This tour is different from the tour everyone else gets when they visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland in that it not only includes the regular tour, but also includes a backstage pass that allows you to view items that nobody gets to see...things that are tucked away in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Vault!
There are many priceless treasures that are not on display to the general public for one reason or another, but if you win this package you will have a private viewing of all this and more...and the kicker is that the tour is guided by my very good friend and President of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Terry Stewart!
For those of you who don't know who Terry Stewart is - before he became the most successful head of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ever, he was President and CEO of Marvel Entertainment - Home of Spiderman, The Hulk, Ironman and other most famous images that we have grown up with. Terry introduced image and concept licensing to Marvel, opening the doors for the marketing of, and the making of those blockbuster movies we have all seen featuring these immortal comic book superheroes.
A couple of hours with Terry will have you coming away with a wealth of knowledge in whatever the topic, whether it is Rock and Roll, Record Collecting, Comic Book heroes or anything else nostalgic. Terry is a walking encyclopedia!
This is a package well worth coming to the reunion for, so you can have an opportunity to win it!

Committees Getting it Together
The Decorating Committee has been formed and is planning it's first meeting this coming weekend. We have a great group that makes up this committee and they are looking forward to transforming the Kinsmen Auditorium into something very special for your reunion. If you have anything you can contribute to this effort or any other committee, please let us know and we will be happy to receive it!

What People Are Saying
While at the beach house this past weekend, I had the pleasure to have dinner with, among others - Cindy Bonvarlez (Waddick). Cindy was a former Tecumseh School Queen and very active participant in everyday school life at Tecumseh. She told me that she was very excited about the reunion and very much looking forward to see her former classmates and others who have gone to Tecumseh both before and after her.
We are pleased to have her and other former School Queens and Student Council representatives coming to the reunion. Paul Halinaty is working to contact all former Student Council Presidents and Prime Ministers, so if you were one of those people, please contact Paul at Paul@Tecumsehreunion.com.
Last week, my paragraph titled, "Bald and Bellied" generated much discussion, both by email and on the Facebook group. Avril Farmer has put out the challenge to anyone who can "out-geriatric" her. Avril, who many of us remember as very athletic and active turns out to be the poster girl for the concept that exercise and activity can do nothing but hurt you!
She says, "Loved this newsletter !.........especially the paragraph entitled "Bald & Bellied". I'm putting a challenge out there..........to all you old farts........who can beat me in the "Geriatric" category? I've had 2 hip replacements, and I wear bifocals and a hearing aid.......bring it !" ...and about the hair... "Oh yeah.....I forgot.......I'm grey."

Tecumseh Trivia
This past week, our big winner was Debbie Vellinga, with 6 out of 10 correct answers. Who can beat her next week??
The answers to last week's Tecumseh Trivia Challenge were:
1) Who's Grad Photo caption read, "Our Miss Popularity and bottle blonde bombshell represented Tecumseh in the '68 Miss United Appeal Competition. Her activities include basketball, volleyball, cheerleading and swimming. Her hopes are to be a nurse in…"?
Betty Brisley
2) What Joni Mitchell hit song was covered by The Counting Crows and Amy Grant   Help Me
    Big Yellow Taxi
    Raised on Robbery
3) What was the name of Ronnie McDowell's 1977 tribute to Elvis Presley?   Elvis, We Miss You
    The King Is Gone
    A Tribute to The King
    To the Promised Land
4) Who was the 1st Brave to win the rededicated "Ray Whale Memorial Award"?   Jim Oldershaw
    Betty Bobier
    June Larkin
    Dale Dudley
5) Baby, Baby Don't get
Hooked on me
6) What Bob Dylan hit was from the soundtrack of the movie "Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid"?   Knockin' on Heaven's Door
    Lay Lady Lay
    The Ballad Of Hollis Brown
7) Guitarist Brian May of Queen has a Ph.D in   English Literature
    Music Theory
8) Bruce Springsteen appeared simultaneously on the covers of Time and Newsweek in   1974
9) Who quoted Bob Dylan under his grad photo?
Greg Bunnett
10) Who stated under their grad photo, "The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been before"?
Audrey Pupulin

All the best,

Scott Primeau

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All Rights Reserved