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We are starting to get back to normal here after a few weeks of distraction due to actually having to work for a living. I hate when work gets in the way of the really important stuff, don't you?
I miss my old Cougar, but my Yellow Mustang Convertible is finally out of storage and all detailed up, so spring can officially begin now!
Ticket Sales and Registrations
We have another week in the rear view and it has been a pretty good week for ticket sales and registrations. I have spoken with a number of people this week and it seems that the only thing that is slowing people from buying their tickets right now is that they are busy organizing their groups in preparation for a group ticket purchase.
Among others - Jeff Hodges, Michelle Blais, Chris Filby and Karen Pugh have all purchased their tickets this week. If you have not yet made your ticket purchase, I would encourage you to do so as people are watching to see who all is coming. I get phone calls and emails regularly, asking who all have made their ticket purchases. I also get messages from alumni telling me that I can put a check mark beside their name as they are most definitely coming to the reunion, however we use this list for bookkeeping purposes, so we are not able to add a check mark until the tickets have actually been paid for.
Registrations on the website this week include Bill Konrad, Walt Tomaszewski, Steve Hime, Kevin MacDonald and Shelly Adams among others.
You can register your information or that of someone you know by going to http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/contactform.htm
Who Can We Find This Week??
This week, we are looking for the following people:

Can you help us find these people??
A note from Sue Cummings - our Treasurer:
"Regarding ticket payment - If you are hesitant to use the online payment option for your ticket purchase, checks by mail are gladly accepted. You can print off a ticket order form at www.Tecumsehreunion.com/tickets.htm. Make your payment out to "Tecumseh Reunion and forward it to:
Tecumseh Reunion
c/o Sue Cummings
253 Canterbury Street
Chatham, ON
N7L 3S7
If you have any questions or concerns, you may call her at 519-351-4982 or email her at jscummings@cogeco.ca.
All ticket purchases are acknowledged. If you do not receive your acknowledgement, you can contact Sue or you can look at the list at http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/Secure/Class%20List.aspwww.Tecumsehreunion.com/. Look for a check mark next to your name. If it is there, your ticket purchase has been confirmed.
Regarding Activity Registration - When you make your ticket purchase by mail or online, it is important to complete the Activity Sign Up form as well. The link for that form can be found directly under the "Pay by Mail" link at www.Tecumsehreunion.com/tickets.htm or if you pay online, you will be dropped into that form at the conclusion of your ticket purchase. It will greatly assist us in our planning of the reunion if we have this information."
We have had a number of donations from individuals who have expressed their appreciation for all that the organizing committee is doing to assemble and promote the reunion and that is highly appreciated. Each donation increases our ability to add value to your reunion. Thank you to all who have donated and also to all who are considering making a donation!
Personal Contact
Over the next few weeks, many of you will receive a telephone call from someone on the organizing committee. Regardless of whether or not you have purchased your ticket, we want to personally invite you to participate in our reunion and also find out who you can help us find on our "lost alumni" list. It has been suggested that if each person were to make it their goal to contact by telephone, five former classmates and obtain their contact information, we would have our lost alumni list eliminated in no time. This would also go a long way toward increasing the success level of our reunion because the more people who know about it, the more people will come and the more fun we will all have. Imagine the Kinsmen Auditorium filled to capacity for Tecumseh staff and alumni, dancing and partying just like back in the day!
Bald and Bellied - We want you too!
I have had a couple of people tell me that they are hesitant to come to the reunion because they haven't aged like a supermodel or that the six pack that they had in high school has turned into a twelve back around the waist, or that their full head of hair has become a solar panel for a sex machine (a phrase I once saw on a T-shirt). Let me tell you, you are not alone. I am no longer the skinny nerdy kid that roamed the halls of Tecumseh, as anyone who knows me now will attest. I am a fat, nerdy old man (somehow, that doesn't sound like it should) and I have grown to love cooking. I cook by taste! I love to taste my cooking - again and again and again!
My wife is also a wonderful cook so we are doomed here! I would love to drop a few pounds for the reunion, but I have reconciled that I am what I am, as Popeye used to say. I have chosen a sedentary lifestyle as opposed to an active one because I have decided it is much easier to maintain. So let the big bellied and bald unite! We will have a great time. I am looking forward to showing my old girlfriends what they missed out on!! If nothing else, it should make them feel better about the direction they took in their own lives!
Some of us look in the mirror and say, "How can I go to the reunion, not having achieved the goals in life that I set for myself?" I can tell you from personal experience that life has a way of throwing curve balls at us from time to time and not all of us end up where we thought or hoped that we would be but be assured that you are not alone. You reunion is not a venue for you to come and be judged, but rather it is an opportunity for you to come and leave the stresses of everyday life behind for a weekend and get together with the kids you grew up with and party with them like we did when we were, as I put it in an earlier newsletter, "Ten feet tall and bulletproof!"
Put on your dancing shoes and come celebrate your youth with us! We may not have many more opportunities in the future to get together as a group. I can tell you from my perspective that putting together an event of this magnitude from a closed list of people is a very daunting task. Trying to locate 2200 specific people who have not been in touch for over 30 years is a very difficult job, and I don't think I will have the energy to work on another major reunion anytime soon. If this were an open event, I could have sold out the Saturday Night venue in no time as we have many people from outside our peer group asking for tickets to experience the reunion of "Friends". Some of these people will be coming as guests of Tecumseh alumni as you are welcome to bring whoever you like as guests to your reunion.

Muscle Car Display

We are in the process of arranging for a static display of muscle cars from the 60's and 70's to be present at the Kinsmen Auditorium on Saturday afternoon and evening. If you have a classic car from that era and are interested in displaying it at our event, please contact me at Scott@Tecumsehreunion.com and I will put you in touch with the event coordinator. We would love to see your classic car of the 60's or 70's. Many of you will remember my old blue 1970 Cougar with the roof racks and huge speakers on the roof, going back and forth to the high school dances. I really miss that car! Maybe I will find another one to misspend my mid life crisis with!
Door Prizes Needed!
If you have anything you are able to donate in the way of door prizes etc, please contact our promotions coordinator, Janice Lally at Janice@Tecumsehreunion.com and she will be happy to accept your donation. Also, if you know of a person or business who may be willing to donate, please let Janice know as well. It is our intention that any monies raised in excess of our actual expenses for the reunion and door prizes will be donated to a worthy cause, such as Alzheimer's or other such group.
Can We Talk??
We are discussing possible candidates for Master of Ceremonies. If you have interest or know of anyone who would be a good candidate, please contact Dan Foster at Dan@Tecumsehreunion.com and we will consider your suggestions. Alternately, you may reply to this email with your suggestion.
April Meeting Is In The Books
The April meeting of the Organizing committee was held yesterday and it was a highly successful meeting. Much was discussed, some surprise value added benefits were added to your reunion planning and overall, things were very positive. Our decorating committee has been formed and we have distributed the list of volunteers who have made their interest in helping out known. Many who have volunteered will be contacted in the next few weeks to determine how you may be able to best help us make the reunion the best it can possibly be.
If you have not volunteered and are interested and able to help, please let us know either by responding to this email or contacting me at Scott@Tecumsehreunion.com and I will pass it on to the appropriate person.
Tecumseh Trivia
We had a rather weak showing of participants for the trivia challenge this week, however Debbie Vellinga was this week's superstar with 7 out of 10 correct answers. Please be sure to take the trivia challenge and see how many of the old gray cells are still firing in that ole noggin'!
The answers to last week's trivia challenge were as follows:
1) Who's Grad Photo caption read, "Was a very active member in may phases of school life. His time was filled by membership in the key club, art club, auto club, B.A.A., gymnastics and the basketball and football teams. George plans to attend Western…"?
George Pappas
2) What 70's group did Gary Moore play in?   Deep Purple
    Thin Lizzy
    Iron Butterfly
3) What 70's Funk band had an album cover showing naked women barely covered with firehoses and honey?
Ohio Players
4) Who had the nickname "Wart"?   Stuart Gordon
    Phil Ripley
    Brian Tucker
    Frank Velle
5) Which history-making African American died in 1972?   Jackie Robinson
    Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Malcolm X
    George Washington Carver
6) Who stated under their grad photo, "Take things as they come. But try to make things comes as you would like to take them. Thanks Tecumseh for a truly memorable 5 years."?
Susan Walczak
7) What was Carly Simon's first big hit?   Anticipation
    That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be
    You're So Vain
8) Who was the editor of Smoke Signal 1976"
JoAnn McCready
9) Who stated under their grad photo, "Every school has it's advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of Tecumseh is it's small size which allows the students to know and respect each others as individuals."?
Sheila Blonde
10) Who stated under their grad photo, "The past, it slowly fades and dies, the future looms before our eyes, life is hard, but we must pass, so come on, stupid, get off your ---!"?
John Myers
All the best,
Scott Primeau
5)   Don't let    go down on me
    The sun
6)   Who stated under their grad photo, "To all Senior Football returnees: Goodbye to a great bunch of guys. If not before I'll see you in November when I come back for your Kingsville game."?   
    Bill Lethbridge 
7)   During the 70's, Rita Coolidge was married to what popular singer?   Joe Cocker
    Kris Kristofferson
    Leon Russell
    Rod Stewart
8)   Who stated under their grad photo, "After 5 long years of attending this school, I feel that I must have learned something, although for the life of me, I can't remember what it was!"?    
    Karen Cornhill
9)   Who stated under their grad photo, "Truth conceals itself in error, history reveals it's face. Days of ecstasy and terror invents the future that invents the race."?    
    Warren Bechard
10)   Who stated under their grad photo, "The future likes ahead. We don't know what it holds, but it is promising. There'll be times together. Friendship never dies"?    
    Patricia Monture

All the best,
Scott Primeau

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