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...Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood...
I am writing this as we cruise down I-90 on our way home from a great weekend in Cleveland.  How can any time in Cleveland be great, you ask?  Simple - when you are the houseguest of the President of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, great experiences just seem to develop!

Among other things, we had the great honor of listening to and meeting Eric Burdon and (some of the original) Animals, (most of) America, (a couple of ) The Spinners, (a few of) The Rascals and (at least half of the original) Grass Roots.  The music was great and fresh sounding, and if you closed your eyes, you might not be reminded that this tour could have been sponsored by Geritol!
...And on to the business of the week!
Help Us Find Your Classmates
We have had another good week for website registrations, and I feel that there are a number of people who are really doing a great job of talking the reunion up and bringing on their old classmates.  This will be great for them, because the reunion will be what they are hoping it will be - a reconnection of familiar and friendly faces in an environment that will bring them back to the days of their youth.
For those of you who have not been out there promoting this reunion, I would remind you that inasmuch as we can bring you some great events and provide you with some wonderful venues to come to and enjoy, the reunion in the end will be what you make it.  If you want a great reunion with all of your Tecumseh friends, it will go much farther if you make the effort to track down and contact these people.  We are working hard to locate people, however our organizing committee is not able to locate everyone without your help. 
Do your classmates' parents still live in the same house, do they have brothers or sisters that can be contacted, do you know anyone who works in the same company that your former classmates do - or did last time you were in contact?  Give a call to these people and ask them where your friend is now...
I have found it particularly enjoyable talking with the parents of Tecumseh Alumni.  Typically, they love to talk about what their sons or daughters have done since the last time you saw them, how many kids they have and the places that they have moved to.  Many times, the parents see the importance of reconnecting with your youth as much or more than you do.  For them, it is an opportunity for them to relive their days as parents with young, active and ever-present kids around - remembering the social whirlwind that was the norm for many households with teenagers.  I have had many parents of alumni thank me for taking the time and expressing enough interest in their family and their kids to make the phone call and let them reminisce for a few minutes, and I get off the phone re-invigorated and ready for the next experience.  I know that you would feel that way too!!
Ticket Sales & Website
As you know, ticket sales are going well, with over 100 tickets sold already and we are on to our second hundred.  We are well on our way to 600 website registrants and most are expressing their intention of coming to the reunion.  For those of you who are newly registered, I would like to direct you to our growing website at www.TecumsehReunion.com , where we are adding new pictures and features regularly.  This week alone, we added the complete class photo collection for the 1975 and 1976 yearbooks!  We have also added a number of pages of yearbook candid shots from 1973 and 1975, with many more waiting to be linked into the site as soon as I have internet access again, which should be about the time you are reading this newsletter.
Don't forget that you can buy your tickets easily and safely online at www.Tecumsehreunion.com/tickets.htm.  Our secure ticket purchase portal will allow you to buy your tickets using a credit card of your choice or your PayPal account, whichever you prefer.  If your preference is to mail in a check, you can click the link on the tickets page and print out an order form to send in along with your check.
Reunion Weekend
Don't forget about our Thursday night early registration and check-in night on our reunion weekend.  On Thursday, July 23, we have arranged for Blutonium, a local Soul/Funk/Blues band featuring our own Phil Caron and Bob Wilson as well as Rick Chrysler and other great musician from our day - to play for us at The Players Club on Keil Drive.  It will be a great way to kick off the weekend and get you in the mood for the parties to come!
Our Friday night event is shaping up to be an incredible event, featuring the first ever staff reunion, bringing back the teachers and support staff for their own pre-show get together at the Capitol before coming out to meet their former students at the movie / reception at the Capitol.
It should be known that the Capitol Theatre now houses three beautiful lounges, with the largest able to hold most of us in itself, so you will not be confined to the seating area of the theatre.  You can watch the movie if you wish, or you can come and socialize in one of the three beautiful lounges!

Commemorative DVD
Dan Foster and Sue (Walkom) Eagleson have been extremely helpful in preparing and posting photos on the website.  It is really nice to have the added productivity of a couple of extra people who can work on these yearbook photos. 
Digitizing the entire decade of yearbooks is a tremendous job on it's own, and I would urge your to take advantage of our work by purchasing a commemorative DVD for the reunion either when you buy your tickets or at the venues.  The DVD will contain most, if not all of the photographs generated in the digitizing of the decade of yearbooks as well as any photos submitted by alumni and photos of the reunion itself. 
The commemorative DVD will load on your computer and allow you to browse and display the current www.TecumsehReunion.com website, regardless of the active status of the online website.  As well, you will be able to load your DVD in your home theatre DVD player and it will play a transitional slideshow of all the photos from the yearbook project and reunion events along with a musical soundtrack that will send you back to the days of the Tecumseh Friday night dance!
Your High School Dance
Speaking of dances, I am told that the band "Friends" is well into their practice schedule and they are putting together a great set list for our reunion.  Enthusiasm is high and they are really pumped for our event.  Our growing list of "must play" records for between sets is growing and I am finding that it is really taking me back to the days when I spun those record in the school gym for most of you!  I had some great times back then and I hope you did too.
Remember the crowd of people in the gym and the walking circle of people that would continually cruise the dance, looking for someone to dance with?  Remember working up the nerve to finally go over and ask the girl you had a crush on to dance, having to wade through her entourage of friends, who were checking you out as you approached, wondering who it was you were coming to ask?  Remember being in that entourage of girls, wondering why that guy is taking so long to come and ask you to dance, not knowing that it was the wall of friends that was intimidating the poor guy??
These are some of the memories that your reunion can evoke and the music played at the dance can play in important role in recreating those memories.
So far, some of the songs, suggested by you for our dance are as follows:
Stairway to Heaven
Too Hot Ta Trot
Brick House
The Load Out - Stay
Hey Jude
Nights in White Satin
Dream Weaver
Dance to the Music
Livin' Lovin' Maid
Color My World
Love Hurts
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
All Right Now
Bang A Gong (Get It On)
The Hustle
Whiter Shade of Pale
Born to be Wild
Foxy Lady
It's My Body
One Man Band
Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
Keep on Truckin'
Just My Imagination
Papa Was A Rollin' Stone
Can't Get Next To You
Living For The City
Signed Sealed Delivered
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
Ma Cherie Amour
Killing Me Softly
Rock And Roll PT.2
This is a great list and I am sure you will agree that many of these songs are those that made your experience at your Tecumseh high school dance a most memorable one!  What is your suggestion for our play list?  If you like the songs listed, add your vote to your favorite song and it will be placed higher in the playlist as far as potential to be played and position in playlist.  For example, so far, Stairway to Heaven is leading the way for the last record of the night.  The more votes your record has, the better position it will get in our playlist and is less likely to be bumped by someone else's favorite.
Lost Alumni
We  have been putting out a list of lost alumni the past couple of weeks and it has led to a number of our classmates having been located and registered on our website.  Thank you for your assistance in locating these people.
From our lost alumni list, this past week we have located:
Ron Mann
Stephanie Haskell
Karen Morris
This week we are looking for the following lost alumni:
Betty Conliffe
Cheryl Corbin
Roy Kingsley
Paul Beaman
Helen Baars
Leigh Halliday
Nadine Edmondson
Dave Bibby
Cindy Corbett
Betty Jenner
Melinda Burroughs
John Hough
Scott Calhoun
Tecumseh Trivia
Don't forget to take our Tecumseh 70's Trivia Challenge.  It is a fun way to relax and test your memory of they days when you roamed the halls of Tecumseh. 
Last weeks trivia superstars were Randy Filby with an excellent 9 out of 10 and close behind was Debbie Vellinga with 7 out of 10!
Let's see if next week, we can get your name up there!
The answers to last week's trivia questions were as follows:


1)   Who's Grad Photo caption read, "Is a living example of "Good things come in small packages." Her chosen career will suit her perfectly and we all agree she will make a cute "little" nurse."?    
    Betty Conliffe
2)   How many copies of the "Smoke Signal" were sold in 1973?   250
3)   Who stated under their grad photo, "You see, Mrs. Stevens: I made it in Math after all"?    
    Brian Birkby 
4)   Welcome back my friends    We're so glad you could attend. Come inside, come inside
    To the show that never ends 

5)   Pick up the    
6)   Yours are the    I've ever seen
     Sweetest Eyes
7)   Who stated under their grad photo, "The difficulty in life is the choice."?    
    Bill Challis
8)   Who stated under their grad photo, "It took a long time to learn that "work was less boring than amusing oneself."?    
     May Yit
9)   Who stated under their grad photo, "After stumbling through the right and stumbling through the left, only now my feet are firmly planted and only now can I siege forward."?    
    Kevin O'Brien
10)   Who stated under their grad photo, "I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realized, than Lord among those without dreams or desires" Kahlil Gibran"?    
    JoAnn McCready

All the best,
Scott Primeau

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All Rights Reserved