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Ok, so tell me - what did it take to make your Tecumseh Friday night dance a success?  Really!!  What song or songs were absolutely necessary before you could go away happy, knowing that all the important school dance records were played??
This is your homework for this week!  I would like each of you to think about that, and dig deep into your favorite memories of the high school dances and tell me what song evokes those memories.  I am going to compile a list of these songs and we will try to play most, if not all of them during our reunion weekend, and the best of them on Saturday night at the crowning event.  You can hit "reply" to this email or you can send your song choices to Scott@Tecumsehreunion.com and I will start the list.  I will report on how the list is coming as it builds, and we can modify it based on feedback.
Ticket Sales
It has been a great week for ticket sales, as our organizing committee has started our "Commitment Campaign" - a forward effort to bring those who have made verbal or written commitments to attend the reunion to the point where they actually seal their commitment by purchasing their tickets. 
It was my personal goal to be able to announce in this newsletter that we had surpassed our first threshold goal of 100 tickets sold - which is an amazing feat, considering how long we still have to go before we actually meet. 
Although I am not able to report the achievement of that goal today, I can say that we are so close we can taste it, and if this coming week is anything like this past week in ticket sales, I am sure we will be reporting the achievement and surpassing of that first goal very soon!
In last week's email newsletter I reported that many people have been sitting on the side watching to see who has purchased their tickets before making the commitment.  I said that once a couple of people step up and get the ball rolling, others follow suit, which has proven to be the case this week.  Last week I announced that class of 80 was leading the pack in ticket purchases, which Chris Foster was basking in - and let us all know it.  This week, class of 76 took up the challenge and has risen to the occasion with ticket purchases, having DOUBLED class of 80's purchases!!  Great work, class of 76!
So far, nearly every year is represented in ticket sales, and in order of purchases we have 76, 80, (77 and 79), (75 and 78), (71, 73 and 74), 72, 81.  I know that many of our committee members have sent out emails to their classmates urging them to purchase their tickets and some have made personal phone calls.  These efforts will pay off very soon with their classmates stepping up to purchase tickets too!
A number of people have mailed in their ticket order forms as well, so those numbers may change significantly once the mail comes in and we count the ticket purchases there.
Reconnections and Facebook Group
I have been watching as we have added new people to our lists and I notice that many of us are making reconnections with old friends and classmates nearly every day.  This is especially so on the Facebook group, as new people are making their way to our group every day to share anecdotes and participate in the live trivia challenges that are moderated by not only your Organizing Committee, but also the members of the group itself.
There have been many great contributions to this group, including more great 70's music videos by Walt Wolanski and Dan Foster, just to name a couple.  There are nearly 200 photos posted on the Facebook group and every one of them has had their share of reminiscences.  From shots of basketball games, to floats to old student card images to class photos, they are all up there and more are being posted every day!
I would encourage you to check out our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150405543045456&set=a.103575265455.189481.779460455#!/home.php?sk=group_172774789405048&ap=1 .  You will be surprised at the memories that will come back to you and the fun you will have reading the posts by your fellow classmates!
Schedule of Events
For those of you who are new to our reunion effort, you can find a complete itinerary of events at http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/Tickets.htm .  About halfway down the page is a complete layout of the weekend's activities, including our Friday night private reception and movie viewing at the Capitol Theatre and our Crowning event of the weekend - Saturday night at Kinsmen Auditorium, featuring a great dinner/dance including the music of specially reunited band from the 70's, "Friends!"  Between sets, DJ music will be provided by Primeau Music, just like we did for most of the 70's!
Lots of surprises and extra value added things will be happening throughout the weekend, so if you have not done so, I would urge you to buy your tickets right away!

First Ever Staff Reunion
I mentioned in an earlier newsletter that the former staff of Tecumseh - Teachers and support staff - are organizing their first-ever staff reunion in conjunction with our reunion.  Maxine Stevens, Leo Girard and Peter Stanojevic are organizing this event and they wanted me to share with the teachers that although contact has not yet been made with former staff, this will start happening in the very near future.  Maxine and Leo had to get their winter vacations out of the way so that their batteries were all charged.  Now they can get to the business of putting together this great staff reunion!  I have heard from a few teachers and interest is high.  Many of the teachers from back in the day are planning on coming to our reunion.
We will be hosting a private early reception for the teachers to meet and drink (lots of) wine (just like back in the day ;-) ) before they meet with us - at the Capitol Theatre event on Friday.  We have incentivized the ticket prices for staff, as they are old and on fixed incomes (so says Maxine) so hopefully that will help them to make it to our event! 
You will be able to meet with your favorite teacher and tell them how things like SOH CAH TOA and amo, amare, amavi, amatum made such a difference in our lives or how putting parakeets on your sweater and pretending that they are eagles picking out Prometheus's liver in English class clearly affected your future!
Website Registrations
Website registrations continue to come in at a great rate!  We are quickly closing in on 500 registrations, however that means that we are still looking for nearly 1500 people!  If you went to school with someone who's parents or siblings are still in Chatham, please give them a call and find out where your classmate can be located.  We would love to be able to keep them aware of our plans by sending out this newsletter and inviting them to be a part of our upcoming festivities!
Some of the new registrants this week are:
Phil Richards
Dennis O'Neil
Dave Vermey
Debbie White (the above were all yesterday!)
Ron Langer
Bob Fraser
Marsha Hall
Jerry O'Brien
Eric Stang
Janice Faubert
These are only 10 of the many registrants this week alone!  Keep sending us the contact information and referring your former classmates to the website at www.Tecumsehreunion.com!
We are still looking for contact information for Class of 1970 alumni.  Please take a look at the list at http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/Secure/Class%20List.asp.  Do you know the whereabouts of anyone on that list for whom there is not a double asterisk ** next to their name?  If so, please let us know where we can find these people and we will be sure to reach out to them!
This week, I would like to know if anyone has knowledge of how to contact the following people:
Ignatius Ferrara
Jim Kettle
Marianne Dietrich
Marlene Huber
Peter Charles
Jeff McCracken
Brenda Bailey
Gene Jelovic
Paul Curtin
Dawn Dixon
Debbie Melnyk
Peter Doddy
Jenny Grocott
Leslie Hime
This is one name for every year represented in our reunion effort.  Please help us by providing any information you may have on how to contact these people!
Capitol Theatre
Some of you may have heard rumours about the Capitol Theatre and how it could potentially affect our ability to hold our Friday night event there.
Just over a week ago, there were rumblings and speculation that the Capitol Theatre, which six months ago, opened it's doors to the public again after some $20 Million in renovations and upgrades - may be in trouble.  We were unable to report anything on this situation last week, as all information coming out was only speculation and there was no news to share. 
It has been reported that the Capitol Theatre has, this week, been taken over by the municipality.  I have been in discussions with those in charge, who have assured me that our event will go on as planned.  It is the intention of the city to place all new staff in the venue and to run it as they do many other of the city's amenities.  All other events at the Capitol are also going on as planned, with the exception of a short hiccup last week, where all events at the theatre were cancelled due to the transfer of control. 
Because this is essentially a non-issue for us, it was debated as to whether or not it should even be reported, however because some have been following the goings on regarding the Capitol, it was decided that it was important that you know exactly where we stand.  All plans are moving forward as though nothing has happened.
Tecumseh Trivia
We are still looking for 1970's general and Tecumseh specific trivia questions for our Trivia Challenge!  Please send your trivia questions and answers to Scott@Tecumsehreunion.com and we will add them to our list of randomly selected trivia questions that are posted each week at http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/trivia.asp .  If you have not taken the Tecumseh Trivia Challenge, please be sure to take a look at it.  Ten questions are posted each week and the high scorers each week are recognized.
The winner of this past week's Trivia Challenge was Eric Stang, with an impressive 8 out of 10 correct answers.
The answers to last week's trivia questions are as follows:
1)   Who stated under their grad photo, "My most valuable lesson is expressed by a poet who said: "Out of the world you'll find success begins with a fellow's will. It's all in the state of mind."?  
Nancy Ancocik
2)   Who represented Tecumseh at the 19th annual Crystal Ball? 
Linda Fraser   

3)   The blockbuster movie Star Wars was released in which year? 
4)   Who stated under their grad photo, "Love teaches us many things but we must learn how to win love as it is difficult obtained. One must love not only sometimes, but always."? 
Jeanne d'Arc Cartier   

5)   Who had written under their grad photo, "We lost a good person and a good friend when Sheelagh moved away. But she left behind great memories."?    
Sheelagh McNeil

6)   Play that _______________   white boy
Funky music

7)   What was the name of the watering hole located in the William Pitt Hotel 
     The Dover Room
    Turf Room
    Red Barrel Room
8)   Starship    

9)   Who stated under their grad photo, "To whom it may concern: This year was an experience in friendships, learning and a heck of a lot of drinking."?    
Mike McDonnell

10)   What album remained on Billboard's album charts for a record 741 consecutive weeks? 
    Dark Side of the Moon 
    Saturday Night Fever 
    Eagle's Greatest Hits
All the best,
Scott Primeau

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All Rights Reserved