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Five years ago, I headed an organizing committee for Class of 1976's 30 anniversary reunion.  I was just looking at the newsletter for this week of that reunion (it is on the website) and it was during this newsletter that we announced that we had secured a location and a date.  I tell you this because this reunion went on to be one of the highest (percentage wise) attended reunions by staff and alumni in the history of the school, and we only got to the stage of setting a date and place THIS week! 
At this point, then, we had not sold a single ticket, or hadn't even set up a vehicle for collecting money.  All we had accomplished to this point was start to contacting people to get them interested.
Here, five years later, we have the date - The weekend of July 23, the place - Kinsmen Auditorium, the entertainment - Friends for the band and Primeau Music for the DJ and all else in place.  We have even sold a bunch of tickets!!
This is important to know, because some of you are telling me that you are wondering if tickets are selling fast enough.  To that, my response is an emphatic, YES!!  There has not been a single week since tickets went on sale where we have not sold tickets and most weeks, ticket sales have been quite good.  To date, we have nearly hit the total number of tickets sold for last year's effort and we have barely started! 
We have also heard from many people that they intend to buy their tickets, but just have not gotten to it yet.  If every person who has emailed or messaged me, telling me of their plans to purchase tickets and attend the event bought their tickets today,  our ticket sales would jump by over 150, not including significant others!!  So far, Class of 1980 is leading the way in ticket purchases, however we have sold tickets in every year represented with the exception of class of 1970, which we are still working on to get a toehold for contact information.  If you know anyone from class of 70, please make us aware of how to get in touch with them.
I have also had some people tell me that they are watching to see if their friends are coming to the reunion before committing.  As I pointed out in the last newsletter, this is a counterproductive tactic, as your friends may be doing the same thing.  Step up and buy  your tickets today, so that people can see that you are coming to the reunion and they will buy their tickets too!  The success of this reunion is as much what YOU put into it as what we as an organizing committee put into it.  If you want a successful reunion, it is up to you to make the commitment to help make this the best reunion it can be by participating in the website stuff, Facebook if you have it and most importantly, BUYING YOUR TICKETS!!
We have put together what all seem to agree is an spectacular weekend of activities and if you really take the time to think about it, it represents great value for your money. 
There has been a small number of people come to me, saying that they thought that the ticket prices were too high or that the weekend should be broken down into A-La-Carte chunks, that you can purchase tickets for one event and not another.
This was a topic of discussion at our monthly meeting of the organizing committee, and this is what was discussed:
  • The two events that are costing us money are the Capitol Theatre and the Kinsmen event, and our ticket prices reflect our costs for the respective events.  Tickets for these events are available separately, if desired.  All other events are either free to us or the cost is insignificant enough to issue tickets for.
  • Our ticket price represents great value - I don't know about you, but I have spent as much as this weekend is costing me on a rare but nice evening out with my bride.  We have put together (so far) three days of activities, Two bands, one of which you have not seen since the 1970's and will not have a chance to see again afterward, a DJ, a great meal, events at your high school, memorabilia, door prizes and RECONNECTION with many of the kids you grew up with, many of whom have moved away!!
  • Many people are traveling great distances and have purchased tickets for the entire weekend and are making this their summer vacation.  They are counting on seeing their classmates at more than just a single event in this great weekend.
  • As we approach and exceed our budget, any monies in excess of our operating expenses will be put back into the event to increase the value of the experience and/or will be allocated to a charitable cause or academic award.
I know that some people who still live in Chatham and have not moved away are thinking, "but I see many of my classmates from time to time on the streets, so why do I need a reunion?"  To this, beyond the points above - our response is that we are offering you a weekend of fun with not only those people you see on a daily basis, but those who moved away 30 - 40 years ago, in an environment that is familiar, friendly and not something you get to do often. 
The teachers are organizing the first ever Tecumseh Staff reunion, in conjunction with our Alumni reunion.  The teachers that you grew up with and who were largely responsible for who we have become (for better or worse) will be there to reconnect and reminisce. 
We are organizing basketball and volleyball games for alumni to come and enjoy.
We have reunited the band that most of us had our first legal (or otherwise) alcoholic beverage listening to and danced to on many school nights and weekends. 
Friday and Saturday Tickets are Available Separately
Some have asked about being able to purchase tickets for the events separately.  Tickets have always been available as a weekend package or as separate events.  Our Friday event, if purchased alone is $15.00 per person and our Saturday event, if purchased alone is $59.00.  If you are not aware of how to find this, go to our ticket purchase page at http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/Tickets.htm and click on the down arrow at the far right end of the ticket choice box that defaults to "All Inclusive - Alumni..."  A drop down selection menu will appear and you will have the choice of:
All inclusive - Alumni
All Inclusive - Alumni (with Commemorative DVD)
All but Capitol Theatre
All but Capitol Theatre (with Commemorative DVD)
All Inclusive - Staff
All Inclusive - Staff (with Commemorative DVD)
Capitol Theatre Only
Capitol Theatre Only (with Commemorative DVD)
Commemorative DVD Only
You can then make your selection and from there you will be taken to a secure server where you can pay for your tickets by any credit card or by PayPal.  Purchasing tickets is easy and YES, you can come to one event and not the other!

Some have suggested that they would like to have dinner at home and come to the Friends reunion dance only.  Logistically, this is impossible as we will be serving food and beverages at the same place as the dance is being held.  Determining who eats and who doesn't with these numbers, as well as policing that is a task beyond our capabilities.
A final note, and I can only go by my past experience in relating this so again I refer to our effort five years ago...Our ticket prices were $50.00 per person.  We had no band, a very small venue, one major activity and a lot of donations to make our expenses and we not only had a great time, but we had the vast majority of our graduating class and the teachers who taught us in attendance.  Those who were there, and even those who were not but had followed our effort, still talk about it to this day, and many of those who are on board early are there because they know what is in store for them if they attend.  This will be a FIRST RATE EVENT!
Moving on...
Bronze Plaque Dedication
Peter Stanojevic has put forward a proposal that as an entity, we sponsor the placement of a bronze plaque on the school to commemorate the time when Tecumseh was a secondary school, and the history of the school from opening until it became an elementary school.  As a committee, it has been determined that fundraising activities, in the form of advertizing sales, ticket sales in excess of our budget and other fundraising activities, such as draws, donations etc will be directed toward the purchase and installation of this bronze plaque.  The plaque will be dedicated and installed at the school during the weekend of our reunion.  Furthermore, Peter Stanojevic has decided to make turn over much of the memorabilia that he has collected over the years to our care, and we will be the custodians of the memorabilia, since the school board and the school is no longer interested in maintaining custody of these items.
Lost Memorabilia
An effort will be made to regain possession of the memorabilia that was lost when the organizer of a little known attempt at a full school reunion, last year, gained possession of, and offered for sale, the memorabilia that has been stored at the school since it was closed as a secondary school.

At this point, I think it is important that I say that I am under the impression that many of the academic achievement awards that were awarded on an annual basis and other such awards that hung on the walls of the school are still on the walls of the school.  I am told that what was taken, for the most part were trophies, plaques and other such things that may have had an individual's name on them and not an ongoing award.  It is still up in the air, whether the Peter Charles paintings and other such things that hung in the foyer across from the totem pole are still around.  The principal does not recall seeing them leave the school and one person with whom I have spoken did not recall seeing that type of thing at the party where they were selling the memorabilia.  I am also told that much of the memorabilia did not achieve any bids, and since it was not returned to the school, this suggests that those on the committee may have kept it for themselves.  We hope to contact these people to attempt to regain possession so that it stays in the hands of the Tecumseh Alumni committee so that it is available for future reunions.
Sponsorship and Donations
We are still looking for people to donate items for door prizes or silent auction type stuff and sponsors to sponsor elements of our event.  If you own or are part of a company, or you know of a company or individual who may be interested in sponsoring elements of our reunion, please contact Chris Foster at Chriss@Tecumsehreunion.com for details on how you can help.
Sunday Ideas Needed
We are still looking for ideas for a Sunday send off.  If you have a property where we could gather for a last gathering before we hit the road, or you have an idea for something that could be done on Sunday for those able and interested, please let us know.  You may contact me at Scott@Tecumsehreunion.com and I will pass it to the committee.
Website Registrations
Website registrations continue to come in.  As of today, we have 455 people registered and this list is growing daily.  In fact, I received three registrations while writing this newsletter this morning!
Facebook and those emails!
Facebook activity is stronger than ever!  Speaking of Facebook, a number of people have expressed concern over the number of emails generated by the Facebook group.  First of all, this can be remedied, but it must be done on your end as we have no control over what Facebook sends you and how you get it, but you do.  If you follow the steps below, you can stop your inbox from filling up with Facebook emails, while still being able to browse the group, and you are less likely to delete our own newsletters!
Once you have navigated to the Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_172774789405048&id=204348312914362&ref=notif&notif_t=like#!/home.php?sk=group_172774789405048&ap=1

1. Click on the "Edit Settings" button on the top right corner of the page, just under your "Home" "Profile" "Account" tabs (see print screen in the message below)
2. Edit your email settings by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting which types of emails from this group you would like to receive OR uncheck the "Email notifications to: your email address @ your isp" to completely inhibit this group from sending you emails.
3. Uncheck "Send me group chat messages"
4. Click "Save Settings"
Secondly, regardless of your feeling about the number of emails that the group is generating, you should take note that these emails represent activity and participation, and from that perspective, this is a very good thing!!  More people are joining our Facebook group and are participating more every day.  We have had representation from nearly every year, and the "Who is this" game is getting tremendous response.  We have also added a "This or That" game, where we essentially ask you to choose between one thing and another.  An example of that is the title of this newsletter - "Elton John or David Bowie?"  The responses that we get back are very interesting and sometimes it can be quite difficult to choose and/or support your choice.
Some people have asked why little to nothing from their year has been put up on the Facebook page for their group to participate in.  Since, for the most part, much of this activity has been moderated by myself, Dan Foster or Sue Cummings, with help from Brian Irving (all class of 76) it is to be expected that most of the ideas that come from us will be what we know.  I would urge those of  you from other years to jump in and start a discussion or activity on the Facebook page.  It is there for everyone to use and contribute to.
Lately, Walt Wolanski has been posting some very good 70's music videos.  They have been very entertaining and we thank Walt for his contributions.  Participation on the Facebook has been great this week and this week it has been pretty evenly distributed, with the usual suspects, Paul Driscoll, Avril (Farmer) Kelly and Randy Filby kicking in much of the input, but Shelley Bearse, who will be coming to the reunion from Tokyo has been an active participant, as well as David Griffith, who is coming from Nairobi.  Janine (Bell) Buckles has been actively posting quite a number of interesting items on the Facebook page and has delivered to me a couple of scrap books, containing a treasure trove of Tecumseh theatre programs, football posters, event tickets, commencement programs, student timetables and other such stuff.  I will be busy scanning this stuff for some time to come!
Second Meeting of The Organizing Committee
We had our second meeting of the organizing committee and much progress has been made and other plans and revelations will be disclosed once we have prepared our meeting notes, so stay tuned for that.
Trivia Challenge
Again, we have had good participation on the Tecumseh Trivia Challenge.  Our own Dan Foster stands victorious, having vanquished our CCI invader with an impressive 10 out of 10 correct responses!!  In second place was Randy Filby with 6 out of 10, followed by newcomer, Rob McClatchey who eked in a passing grade of 50% with 5 out of 10 correct answers
The answers to last week's trivia challenge are as follows:
1)   From What album did The Doors' smash "Light My Fire" come? 
    The Doors
    Break On Through 
    People Are Strange 
    Waiting for the Sun
2)   Which technology was invented in 1972 by RCA? 
    The videotape cassette 
    The Walkman  
    The compact disc (CD)  Betcha didn't get that one, did ya!?!
    The digital video disk (DVD)
3)   What 1973 movie had us all repulsed at the sight of Pea Soup?   
4)   Who stated under their grad photo, "Life is a soggy eggroll…"?  
5)   Who stated under their grad photo, "Surviving these past 5 years has taken hard work, patience, and close friends. To these special people, and you know who you are, I love you. Tecumseh, forget me not."?
Penny Verbruggen

6)   Who wrote the 1974 hit "Tell Me Something Good" for Rufus?
    Bobby Watson 
    Chaka Khan 
    Smokey Robinson 
    Stevie Wonder 
7)   What David Sanborn song did Friends make into a 45 RPM? 
    Mr. Magic 
    Vulcan Princess
8)   Before re-emerging in the 80's as Ray, Goodman & Brown, these three guys had hits in the 70's as 
     The Moments 
      Ram Jam
9)   Who had written under their grad photo, "Modesty prevents this person from revealing her many virtues"?  
Laurie McCorriston

10)   Who was Canada's Prime Minister when the Metric System was introduced? 
    John Diefenbaker 
    Pierre Trudeau
    Joe Clark 
    Lester B. Pearson
All the best,
Scott Primeau

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