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Another cold and snowy week, but things are really starting to heat up with our Tecumseh 1970's reunion!
Big Announcement

First off, I want to start with the big announcement I promised on the Facebook page...

We're puttin' the band back together!!  If you spent any time going out during much of the 70's you likely spent some time at the Red Barrel room at the Wheels Inn, and before that, perhaps the William Pitt Hotel.  Remember the band that played those locations for much of the 70's?  Remember "Friends"?  Well, we have been in discussion with the former members of "Friends", the Funk / R&B / Jazz band that played those locations for much of the decade of the 70's and they have agreed to reunite for a special "one time performance at our Dinner / Dance at the Kinsmen Auditorium!!  Each of the former members of this great band is a current working musician and is a featured player in a number of bands that play either in the Chatham area or in other larger areas. 

With a repertoire of Stevie Wonder, Kool & The Gang, Average White Band, Doobie Brothers, Hall & Oates and much more, they promise to be a fantastic addition to our main event! 
Between sets, DJ music will be provided by Scott & Richard Primeau, father and son team of Primeau Music (formerly known as Scott Primeau's Disk Jockey Service) that played the music at most high school dances throughout most of the decade of the 70's.

Classic Rock, R&B, Funk and Soul music will be the order of the night, and those of you who remember Friends, will remember long lines outside the Red Barrel, trying to get in to see the band.  Many times you were turned away if you got there too late as the place was always packed on the weekends. 
Friends put out a record during the 70's and I have posted it on the Facebook group for you to listen to.  In the event that you do not subscribe to Facebook, I have also posted it on YouTube and the link may be found here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIRUEecfNUs . 
The guys are very excited about the prospect of reuniting for our reunion and are quite looking forward to it.  This will make for a very special evening, as you cannot go and see this classic group of musicians play together either before or after our reunion!  The novelty of the occasion will ensure a most energetic performance!!
Caterer Booked
We have also booked the caterer for our Dinner / Dance.  Brownie's Catering, owned by Mike Brown of Blenheim has been catering events of 500 - 1000 people and more for a number of years, and is well known in the Chatham area for their great food and beautiful presentations.  They will be setting up a number of serving stations around the Kinsmen Auditorium that will ensure fast and efficient food service for all. 

Bar service will be provided by The Player's Club, who will be hosting our Thursday evening event.  The Player's Club has been in touch with the Molson rep, who has eagerly agreed to partner with our event to help turn our Saturday night event into a "Super Party"!  Lots of fun and special features will come along with including Molson's in our party planning!!

Tickets Selling
Ticket sales have been going well and the trend continues.  Be sure to buy your tickets early, as it is entirely possible that we will have more people than tickets to this event.  We have some 2200 people on our class lists and already we have nearly 400 people registered at the website (many not including spouses) and we are getting new registrations nearly every day.  Many days we are getting as many as 6 - 10 registrations!

It is very nice to see that the word is getting out, however please do not get complacent and let contacting people ride, thinking that it will take care of itself.  If you know someone who attended Tecumseh School in the 70's PLEASE send us their contact information so that we may be able to include them in our weekly newsletter and keep them informed as to the progress of our plans for the reunion!!  Also, please make personal contact with them and let them know about the excitement that is building for the reunion!  Get in touch with the people you used to hang with in school and get the whole group together again.  There will be much reconnecting and reminiscing that weekend and you will want to be sure that the people you knew are all there for the fun as well!
Tickets may be purchased online or by mail at http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/Tickets.htm .  Get yours today!!

Schedule of Events

The Schedule of planned events for the Reunion Weekend (July 21 - 24) can also be found on the ticket purchase page at
Donations and Sponsors
At the suggestion of one of our Alumni, we have added a "Thanks For The Memories" Donation section to our website.  It may be found on our homepage at www.Tecumsehreunion.com and on our ticket purchase page at http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/Tickets.htm .  This section will allow for individuals who would like to help by contributing to our fund raising effort to make our weekend's events even better!  Funds raised by donations will help to offset some of the many expenses associated with assembling your most memorable of weekends, and any funds raised in excess of our financial responsibilities will go back into increasing the value of the weekend, in the form of better door prizes, additional events, upgrading of currently planned events etc.  This feature has already been used by alumni for private donations, so please get involved.  We encourage and welcome your donations!

Chris Foster is the head of our Fundraising committee and we are working with a number of companies to secure sponsorship for elements of our weekend's festivities.  We are also offering advertizing in the form of print sponsorship of our full colour glossy program as well as website advertizing.  All advertizing that appears on the website will also be included in the commemorative DVD that is offered as an optional keepsake of your weekend's activities!
If you are involved with a company or know a company who would be interested in sponsoring elements of our event and having their product seen by 1000 or more people who are finally start to see some disposable income in their bank accounts, please contact Chris Foster at Chris@Tecumsehreunion.com.  You can advertize in our program for as little as $125.00 for a quarter page ad.
Michael Alexander posted the following message on our Tecumseh Reunion Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/home.php?sk=group_172774789405048&ap=1 :
"Hi everyone, I wanted to bring you some news about the alumni basketball games, which will be held tentatively on Saturday of the reunion weekend. At the moment, I'm trying to keep the gym open on Saturday morning for practice, shoot arounds and stretching. Around noon we'll run a men's alumni game, which will be open to anyone who played on any of the Varsity teams. If we get more than two teams, we'll play in rotation with the first team to seven baskets holding its place on court until beaten.
A women's alumni game will follow. For those who were gym rats, enthusiastic intramural players or just plain love the game, we'll hold another game or games based on house affiliation, pitting Huron, Objibway and the like against one another. If you'd like to play, please send me a note on my wall. Also, if you have any suggestions, concerns or questions, feel free to post them"
For those of you who do not subscribe to Facebook, you may contact Mike at Michael@Tecumsehreunion.com
A number of registrants have shown interest in putting together volleyball teams.  Randa Rossini is the Volleyball coordinator, so if you would like to get with her to organize some volleyball, please contact Randa at Randa@Tecumsehreunion.com .
Randa will be communicating with our group as time permits and as the plans progress, so stay tuned for that!
Don't forget to visit our website at www.Tecumsehreunion.com .  New photos are being added regularly and we now have the entire Grade 9 - 13  class photos posted for 1970.  We are working on other years, and Dan Foster has been doing a great job of scanning and posting Teams and Clubs photos for many of the years, so keep checking that out. 
We are also considering re-introducing a discussion forum to the Tecumseh Reunion website.  We have found in the past that it gets used more often and effectively than the Facebook page, as you do not require to be a member of Facebook to participate.  A growing number of our alumni are on Facebook, however it is important to note that the number of people on our Facebook group is NOT an indicator of the participation in our reunion activities as there are many more people who have registered on our website and do not have a Facebook account.  We maintain the Facebook Group as a forum for daily or instant communication between staff and alumni.  If we add the discussion forum to the website, we may move the discussions more to the website in order to maintain autonomy.
Registration and Contact Information
Don't forget to register your contact information and make sure it is up to date.  To check contact information, go to http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/home.php?sk=group_172774789405048&ap=1 and look for your name or the name of someone you know and may have contact information for.  If we have any contact info on that person, you will see ** next to their name.  If you click on that name, any contact information that we have (with the exception of requested inhibitions) will show in a separate window.  To update your information or that of someone you know, merely click on the "Update Information" link in that window.  If you choose to inhibit any of your contact information, please indicate which you would like hidden in the "Comments" box at the bottom.  It is important that the committee at least have your phone number and email address, so that we are able to keep you abreast of the goings on of the reunion committee and so that you may receive this wonderful newsletter each week!!
Don't forget to try the Trivia Challenge at http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/trivia.asp .  Every week, a changing set of 10 trivia questions relating to the 70's in general or Tecumseh 70's history in particular will be featured.  The high scorers each week will be recognized.  Wipe the cobwebs off the old gray matter and check it out!  This week's champion is once again Dan Foster, who scored an impressive 10 of of 10 correct answers!
Please send in your trivia questions!  We need more questions to do with Tecumseh trivia for your days at Tecumseh.  It is important that we have all years represented in the trivia challenge, not just the years I was there.  I can only think up so much stuff and the old melon is going softer with each day, so help me out here, PLEASE!
All the best,
Scott Primeau

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