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I don't know about you, but I am really getting tired of all this snow.  I am really starting to envy some of the people who are reading this from the comfort of their back deck down in the sunny south.  I hear you complaining that it isn't as warm as you would like, but I can assure you - if you came back home for a week, you would be pleased to have the weather you are experiencing in comparison!
We have had another great week in preparation for our reunion!

Consistent activity on the registration page has been the order of the week.  I am pleased to see that you are starting to bring your siblings on board.  Please remember, as I stated in a conversation with another classmate earlier this week - regardless of whether your relationship with your siblings was positive or negative, if they went to Tecumseh in the 70's they have just as much right to know about this as you do.  Also, it is important to remember that each person you talk to is likely to know at least a couple of other people who went to Tecumseh, and likely someone you do not have contact information for.  Contacting people and getting the word out for this reunion is much like building a web...you start at one point, work out from there.  The web is small at first as you may only know a few people that we can contact, however if everyone you contact can give you a couple or three names minimum, it isn't long before your little web is producing fantastic results.
If you know the parents of a classmate that moved away, give them a call!  Most times, they will be more than happy to talk to you and tell you where their kids are and what they are doing - and perhaps give you information on someone else who their kids hung out with...  The most difficult part in contacting people to get them involved is making the first phone call.  After that, you will find it is quite easy and even fun!  In the last reunion I was involved with, I can tell you that I had telephone conversations with nearly every person on our class list, and it is that personal contact that will bring your classmate on board and get them interested in the reunion.

If you are not comfortable contacting these people, send the information to our committee (Scott@Tecumsehreunion.com) and I will distribute the information to our contact team for personal contact.

Please pass on contact information you have!
I know a number of you are holding onto contact information, not wanting to put it on the website without their permission.  It has been our experience that once people start getting the newsletter, they inevitably go to the website at www.Tecumsehreunion.com and register their information there, however it is difficult to get them excited without something they can see for themselves and get an understanding as to the scope of our plans.  To that end, I am asking that you release the contact information you have to us so that we may store it privately in order that they may at least receive the email newsletter and make a decision for themselves whether or not to register.  We have come to discover that those who keep their classmates information to themselves tend to have lower participation levels amongst those people and their peers than those who are included in the newsletter email.  The reason for this is that each week, we attempt to give as complete a picture of what we have done and where we are going as possible; and it is very difficult for a single person to be able to convey all of this information "off the cuff" when describing what we are doing.  It is best that they see it for themselves and not feel like they are outside of the group looking in.
Tickets are selling!
Our tickets went on sale last week and already we are seeing decent ticket sales.  At some point, we hope to be able to indicate those who have purchased their ticket on the website, but my Senior Webmaster is out of the country at the moment and therefore the idea remains a concept.  Please buy your tickets early.  We have many obligations that must be met early and it is ticket sales that will go to fund these things.  You can buy your tickets immediately online at http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/Tickets.htm or you may also order your tickets by mail from the same web page!
We have signed the contract for the Kinsmen Auditorium and put our deposit down.  We have met with all prospective caterers and bar service people and hope to have a contract in hand by the end of this coming week.  Time is of the essence here because even as we are in discussions with them, they are booking weddings and functions all around the date, so we need to book quickly.  The same applies to the band.  We are hoping to finalize our plans with the band in the next few days and make an announcement soon.  The Capitol Theatre contract terms have been agreed upon and we are in the final stage of completing this contract.  BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!!
Value Added and Fund Raising
In our discussion with many service providers, we have discovered great interest amongst them to provide value added services for our reunion.  To that end, we are in continuing discussions with some service providers to set up ancillary events to coincide with and complement our events.  We are also working with our fundraising committee to set up sponsorship packages for Corporations who may be interested in sponsoring certain aspects of our events to make them even better!
If you are involved with a company who may be interested in sponsorship of aspects of our events, please either contact Chris Foster - Chris@Tecumsehreunion.com or myself, Scott@Tecumsehreunion.com and we will be happy to discuss our ideas with you.  Also as an individual, we are encouraging any and all donations of items to be used for door prizes or ticket draws.  Our goal is to have a great range of door prizes and giveaways to distribute to many lucky participants of our reunion events!
Chris Foster is the head of our fundraising committee and is actively looking for people who may be interested in assisting him with fundraising efforts.  Below is the text of his latest fundraising statement:
"We will be putting together a program and selling advertising. This program will be high gloss full colour and the ads are going to be beautifully done. I have done this in the past and have a sample if you would like to see it. Printing was done by Chamberlain Mercury Printing in Chatham and we are also looking at other suppliers.
Rates for advertizing in our program are as follows:

Full page $500
1/2 page $250
1/4 page $125
back cover $750
inside cover $750

I am also working with Scott to make sure that there is additional advertising that will remain on the website and also included as a permanent keepsake in the commemorative DVD, and these will be added for an additional small cost!

I am having my next meeting in 2 weeks and am in constant communication with Scott. If you know of anyone interested in joining the fundraising committee have them contact me at 519 401 6037 cell or Chris@Tecumsehreunion.com."
Sports Activities
I have been speaking with Michael Alexander this week, and he has expressed some great ideas about his plans for his Alumni Basketball event.  Michael and Randa will be adding the occasional newsletter bulletins throughout the week, but the message for this week is to get involved!  Please buy your tickets and sign up for Basketball and Volleyball ASAP! 
Michael and Randa will be watching the registration numbers and will base their activities planning on the anticipated numbers so even if you have not yet purchased your tickets (and you should - now) please contact Michael for Basketball at Michael@Tecumsehreunion.com or Randa for Volleyball at Randa@Tecumsehreunion.com so they are able to start getting a handle on how many people they will have to work with.
The website continues to progress!  If you have been on the Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_172774789405048&id=195103130505547#!/home.php?sk=group_172774789405048&ap=1 , you will have seen that many new photos have been added to the website at www.Tecumsehreunion.com.  We now have all of the 1970 Class photos, as well as  teams and clubs photos posted.  A number of other years Teams and Clubs photos have been posted and some fun additional photos and scans for different years. 
Be sure to check the website often, as there is always something new going up! 
Some photos of our days at Tecumseh are starting to trickle in, but in order for this aspect of the website to be successful, we need many more photos.  Please dig through your old stuff and unearth those old photos of your days at Tecumseh, so they may be posted for all to enjoy!  You can send your photo scans to Scott@Tecumsehreunion.com or if you are unable to scan them, we will be happy to scan them for you and return them to you when they are scanned.  If you would like to send hard copy photos to be scanned, please contact me and I will provide you with an address to mail them to.
Commemorative DVD
For those of you who are wondering what this commemorative DVD will consist of, our plans are as follows:
We will produce a DVD that when inserted in your computer DVD drive will allow for you to have your own personal copy of the Tecumseh Reunion website, completely navigable with all photos and text formatted as it appears on the website.  This will be a permanent keepsake of all 10 years yearbooks and any candids, stories, newsletters and anything else produced and put on the website.
(Home Theatre DVD Player)
When inserted in the DVD player of your home theatre, a transitional slideshow of all images produced for our reunion activities, including all yearbook images will play on your TV for your enjoyment.  You will be able to sit back and enjoy a most memorable slideshow of your Tecumseh Reunion.
If you know anyone who attended the Class of 1976 30th anniversary reunion five years ago, ask them to show you their commemorative DVD.  It is something that you will be very impressed with and want to order for yourself!  Our cost, five years ago was $15.00 and included the images and website for the graduating year of 1976.  This DVD will encompass the entire decade of the 1970's at the same cost!  Be sure to order your DVD with your ticket purchase at http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/Tickets.htm
It is important that everyone understand that if you went to Tecumseh during the 1970's, you are welcome to attend YOUR reunion.  In the past, I have had conversations with people who were not necessarily in the mainstream of Tecumseh activities or did not hang with a particular peer group, and their concerns have been expressed in terms of, "I didn't excel in High School, I wasn't part of any group, I didn't play sports, or because I was shy or different, I felt left out and am not eager to relive that experience"
I will share with you, excerpts of one of such conversation.  I hope it will help put your experiences and anxieties in perspective:
..."Not all of our connection with the school is in academia - in fact, for many of us it is not. I was not a great student as many of the teachers in this group will confirm; however I had some good times and when I look back on it, I see clearly the lessons that were being impressed upon me, and to a great extent, I wish that I had digested them earlier in life than I did."
..."For some of us, high school was the greatest time of our lives - we were ten feet tall and bulletproof - with no responsibilities and all the time in the world. These people want to reconnect with that feeling.

Some of us find that we need to reconnect with this past life in order to have closure on what we may perceive as ghosts of our past. I found in speaking with a number of alumni who were hesitant to attend our Class of 76 30th anniversary that they found the reunion to be quite therapeutic. The common thing I heard from those who did not consider themselves to be in the mainstream of high school social life is that they perceived themselves as outsiders and unaccepted by the rest of their peers.

What they found instead is that these kids grew up, just like themselves. The interesting thing is that many of the timid people discovered self confidence in their high school experience and others who may have been dominant personalities have found real life to be a leveling of the playfield. Either way, what happened in coming to the reunion was a shedding of old negative perceptions and a re-bonding of sorts that for some was life-altering.

One such person, when first contacted, reacted acidically, stating, "Why would I want to go and hang out with these people - they never liked me when I was there the first time!" My response was that as kids grow up they go through phases in their self discovery period. Come and share some time with us and you will find that you are just as much part of our group as anyone else. You will have some fun and you will discover that life at Tecumseh was, believe it or not, a positive experience in the end.

This has proven to be true, and this person has become an integral part of the former Tecumseh peer group that continues to communicate to this day. After the reunion, she told me me that attending the reunion changed her life and her perception of the past as well as her outlook on the future.

For me, that made the entire effort of putting the reunion together worth it!

Whether you come to celebrate your youth and recapture the joy of youth, or you come to resolve your past, I can assure you that you will have some fun. This will likely be one of the largest groups of people you actually know in one place at one time that you will encounter!"...
I think it bears stating once and for all - No matter who you are or whatever your place in life, you are just as welcome as anyone else at the reunion, and I am sure that you will find a mature and accepting group of people awaiting to reconnect with you!
All the best,
Scott Primeau



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