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We are into our second week of the year and already our reunion plans are coming together very nicely.  Our first meeting of the organizing committee took place on Saturday, Jan 8 and we had a great turnout!  Most everyone came with their best organizational mindset and much was accomplished.
After considerable discussion, we have arrived at a basic schedule for the reunion weekend activities and ticket price.  We still have some things to work out and finalize, but the following have been agreed upon and will be planned for our reunion weekend:
Thursday, July 21 (7:PM - ?)

Early registration and check-in at the Players Club in Chatham.  Our reunion committee members will be on hand from 5 PM onward for early registration and check-in.

The Players Club is a very nice bar and restaurant across from the Wheels Inn (now Holiday Inn, I believe) on Keil Drive.  The Players Club has agreed to partner with us on some events to add value to our weekend's activities and as part of this effort, they have agreed to bring in a band of our choosing (to be named once all contracts are signed and in place).

If you have taken holidays for that week and/or are able to make it to Chatham for Thursday evening for early registration and check-in, committee members will be available to check you in and provide you with your official credentials for the weekend's activities.  An evening of fun and early reconnection awaits those who get to town on Thursday!   Players club does not normally have live entertainment on Thursdays, and although the bar and restaurant will also be open to the public, the evening's focus will be on our group.

The Players Club has also agreed to host continuous check-in services throughout the weekend, in the event that you are unable to make it to the particular event that is happening when you hit town.
Friday, July 22
All Day - Tecumseh School will be open all day for registration and check-in, walking tours and T-Dance music to be played in the gym.  I still have all of the sound equipment and records that I used to play the T-Dances in the 70's so it should be a pretty accurate throwback to those Friday noon hour dances that we all enjoyed!

At some point in the mid to late afternoon (exact time to be determined) registration and check-in at the school will close and move to our Friday evening event.
Evening - An evening of reconnection, nostalgia and movies at the Capitol Theatre.  The Capitol Theatre that we went to as kids has been completely restored to it's original beauty, before the many renovations and "improvements" that eventually led to the closure of the theatre.  The newly restored Capitol Theatre features the original size huge screen that we loved as kids before they broke the place up into two theatres; state of the art projection equipment and the ability to bring in one of a number of movies (of the era) of our choosing for our own private screening. 
The Capitol Theatre also features three separate lounges with cash bars and outdoor balconies to enjoy the summer weather if you choose.  The theatre seats 1214 people not including the three lounges and outdoor balconies, and we will have the entire facility for our own private use!

Registration and Check-in will be available at this venue as well as at the Players Club for those unable to make the theatre event.
Saturday, July 23
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM - Tecumseh School will be open for registration and check in, as well as guided tours of the school.  Many of the original awards and recognitions of our staff and alumni are still on display at the school and much of it that is not on display is still stored at the school.  We are confident that this memorabilia will be on display in the library, as we have been able to have done for past reunion events.

Alumni Basketball and Volleyball games are being planned by our Sports coordinators, Michael Alexander and Randa Speller.  It is not known at this time if volleyball equipment will be available for our use, so volleyball will be dependent upon our ability to acquire the use of this equipment or another location that has volleyball facilities.
If you are interested in participating in Basketball or volleyball, please contact Michael Alexander (michaelalexander3000@gmail.com) for basketball or Randa (Rossini) Speller (spellerfam@sympatico.ca) for volleyball.  We are expecting to have a great turnout for these events, so please register early.

We are also planning on dividing reunion participants into colour house, much as the way they were done when we went to Tecumseh.  Given that I was the school geek and there was no color house for Audio-visual, I can't profess to know much about that, however Chris Foster is coordinating this effort.  Ongoing recognition will be extended to the color houses that achieve certain participation goals throughout the weekend and this should add to the fun and nostalgia of the weekend!
Saturday Evening
Dinner/Dance at the Kinsmen Auditorium.  We have planned a great evening of fun and reconnection at the place where all of the city's high schools came together for the biggest event of the year - Red Feather Dance!  Entertainment will be provided by DJ and 70's music specialty band (name of band to be announced once all contracts are finalized)  Classic Rock, Funk and R&B will be the music of the evening.  The event will be catered and bartending services will be provided by a first class provider (to be named once contracts are finalized)
Door Prizes, Raffles and other fun activities are planned, and we are looking at possibly partnering with a company such as Molson's for other fun and giveaway activities!
This promises to be a stellar event and one you will not want to miss.

Activities for Sunday, if available are yet to be determined.  If you have a suggestion for a Sunday activity that will make for a nice, little to no charge wrap up to see people on their way, we welcome your suggestions.

Ticket Prices
All inclusive pass - includes all activities of the entire weekend - $69.00 / person
All events excluding Friday night Capitol Theatre reception - $59.00 / person
Friday night Capitol Theatre event only - $15.00 / person
Former Staff Discounted All events pass - Discounted price to be determined
Within the next few days, you will be able to download and print your ticket order form and mail in your payment or you will soon be able to go online and order your tickets directly from the website!

Former Staff Discounts
If you are former staff of Tecumseh Secondary School during the 70's, you are entitled to purchase All-Inclusive passes for yourself and your spouse for a discounted price.  We recognize that as former students of Tecumseh, we do not reunite en-masse often, however as staff, you are often called upon to attend individual year reunions and you could find yourselves committed to the expense of attending one or more alumni reunion nearly every year, so it is our hope that in offering a discount to you, whatever it may be determined to be, that you will recognize our appreciation for all you have done for us.  For some of us, you were our life's mentors (for others, our nemesis) But the reality is that without you, our experience at Tecumseh would not be the rich and fulfilling experience that makes us want to come back and reconnect.  You shaped our thinking and made us what we are today (I don't know if we call that credit or blame).  It is very important to us that you are involved with this effort!

To Purchase Tickets
A ticket purchase form will be available online that you can print out and send your payment with to Sue Cummings (Treasurer).  As well, we are working to establish online ticket ordering through www.Tecumsehreunion.com.  When this becomes available, you will be notified.
Website News
We have added another few class year photos on the website at www.Tecumsehreunion.com . Please be sure to check them out!

We are asking for Current photos to be added to the website, next to your grad photo.  The purpose of this is to minimize the "Do you have any idea who that is?" effect on the weekend of the reunion.  We have done this in the past and have found it to be tremendously effective.  It is much more comfortable, having seen a current photo of your classmate, to go up to that person and strike up a conversation rather than the awkward feeling of "I am sure that is so and so" but not sure enough to go over and re-introduce yourself.  Current photos on the website in advance are extremely more effective than those "Hello - My Name Is" tags.
We are also accepting current "What are you doing now" biographies.  A brief synopsis of what you have done since leaving Tecumseh and what is going on in your life now make for interesting ice breakers and make it much easier to reconnect.  You will find that you have much more in common with your former classmates than you imagined!
The Trivia page - People have been taking the trivia challenge, but so far nobody has had the courage to put their names on the quiz, so I have nothing to report from the trivia page.  This is a fun page to spend some time on and it has always been fun to see who comes up with the best number of correct answers.  Please participate in this page and identify yourself as this page takes a lot of work to administer and it would be nice to see it being used as it was designed.  We have changed the trivia questions again this week, so take your best shot at it!  I bet you can't get them all!
I would like to encourage you to create your own trivia questions for the trivia page.  Please send any multiple choice or fill in the blank type trivia question relating to your years at Tecumseh, or the 70's in General to Scott@Tecumsehreunion.com and we will be sure to use them!
Also, please take a look at the class list at http://www.tecumsehreunion.com/Secure/Class%20List.asp .  If you can identify the class years of those listed as unknown, or if  you know the given names of any of the former staff for whom we have only "Mr, Mrs or Miss", please help us out by providing that information.  To add or update contact information, simply click on the name of the person and click the "Update Information" link on the information window.
If you are able to contribute to the website effort in terms of scanning yearbooks or helping to maintain the website, please let me know at Scott@Tecumsehreunion.com.  The website is an incredible amount of work and all the help we can get will be much appreciated!
Contact Info
We have been experiencing tremendous success on our website in the way of contact information registration, however we have a list of 2200 people on our class list and at the moment we have some form of contact information for somewhere over 200 of these people.  Although this represents a great start, it still remains that 90% of our classmates are uncontacted.  Please help us fix this!!
We need you to contact anyone you know that went to Tecumseh in the 70's.  If you know them and they went to Tecumseh, chances are good that they are on our list.  If you get nothing else, PLEASE get their email address and phone number.  If we have this information, we can at least keep them in the loop as to what is happening with our reunion plans and how things are coming together.  It has been my experience that once you bring on one or two people, they invariably know another two or three that you didn't know and the network widens from there.  Early participation will ensure maximum turnout at our reunion!
Once they come to the website and register, most people find themselves checking the website regularly and many of them find themselves watching the live conversation on the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_172774789405048&ap=1 .  Our Facebook group is growing and interesting discussion is taking place daily!
I have personally spoken with many people who have registered their information with us for the reunion and the excitement is really beginning to build!  Many people, especially from distances are making plans to come to Chatham for our weekend and reconnect with their old friends from Tecumseh.  The events outlined in this newsletter will ensure that the experience will be a memorable experience that you will cherish for many years to come!!  Please help us to keep the momentum building by chatting the reunion up and bringing people onboard.

I know your kid brother or sister was a pain in the butt, and your older sibling beat you up and locked you in the closet, but they have grown up and they deserve to be able to come to our reunion too - after all, they did attend the school too, right??  If this is the case with you and you have siblings that went to Tecumseh - and I know many of you who do - PLEASE let us know where they are so we are able to include them in our plans!  Also, please get in touch with them and encourage them to register online at www.Tecumsehreunion.com.
Please send us your feedback and your ideas!
Thank you,
Scott Primeau

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