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Tecumseh SS Reunion – Committee Meeting Minutes


Date: Saturday, July 9th, 2011 at Chatham ON


Present: Scott Primeau, Janice Lally, Sue Cummings, Cheri Emrich, Bob Ripley, Mark Delanghe, Chris Foster, Mike Alexander, Andy Ramsz, Brad Martin, Randa Rossini, Peter Stenojevic, Maxine Stevens, Dan Foster.

Next Meeting: On site at Kinsmen Auditorium Thursday 4pm


Agenda & Discussion Notes


1. Closure of Players Club (Scott Primeau)

Scott Primeau reported on the events surrounding the eventual closure of the Players Club and the alternate arrangements involved. In summary, effective July 4th we no longer have any relationship with the Players Club. Brian O’Rourke of South-Side Tap & Grill has stepped up and will host Thursday night as well as providing bar services ($4 per drink) and 11 pm Bar-B-Q for the Kinsmen Auditorium (featuring Labatt’s sponsorship coupled with Smith & Wilson Wines). In recognition of this, Brian is being given an ad in the Commemorative Program and an estimate of 100 guests Thursday night to offset the costs of hiring Blutonium band.


2. Treasurer’s Report (Sue Cummings)

Sue Cummings confirmed that we are now well into the black. At this moment we expect over 230 alumni (including 30+teachers) at the Capital Theatre; 278 for the dinner/dance and have sold 25 DVD’s. A discussion involving budget adjustments was had and the updated budget document reflects the new assumptions.


3. Commemorative Program – Charity Fund (Chris Foster)

Chris Foster reported that he has collected in excess of $3000 to date, with a few more receivables to come. He will be finalizing the program layout by July 11th.


Chris also reported that the Alzheimer’s Society will be on hand to sell drinks and Barbeque goodies from 11am to 2pm on both Friday and Saturday. It was also proposed and confirmed that Chris extend a dinner invitation for 2 to the Society. It is expected that we will present them with a cheque for a minimum of $1000 over and above what they collect themselves for the Bar-B-Q.


4. Commemorative Plaque – Dedication Ceremony (Peter Stenojevic)

It was reported by Peter Stanojevic that all is in hand for the installation of the plaque and an outline of the Dedication Ceremony was discussed and finalized.


5. Alumni Basketball Game (Mike Alexander)

Mike Alexander is still in the process of finalizing the player rosters. Mike will also formalize the concept and provide Scott with a blurb for the final weekly newsletter. A T-Shirt budget was approved by the committee. Scott will advise the school board for insurance purposes if we plan to play basketball.


6. Muscle Car Display (Scott Primeau)

A scaled-down version will greet the alumni in the parking lot of the Kinsmen Auditorium on July 23rd at no cost to the committee. Scott is pursuing the option to bring some number of the cars indoors for display and decorative purposes.


7. Decorating Committee (Cheri Emrich)

Cherie Emrich and Sue Cummings updated the committee on their plans and final budget estimates. Chris Foster presented the mock-up of the banner being donated by Terry Peck.


8. Poster Proposal (Scott Primeau)

Scott Primeau reported that Will McGarvey completed the poster print job and that he has delivered 100 posters for advertising purposes. He will deliver the remainder in due course. There was however, a $250 cost over-run on the print job. Will is donating $100 towards the over-run and the committee is paying the remainder.


9. Raffles and Door Prizes (Janice Lally)

Janice Lally reported that we have over 50 prizes with an estimated total value of over $3000. The committee decided to give these away at the banquet by computer-generated random draw from amongst those purchasing the white or blue numbered wrist bands only.


10. Volunteer List (Sue Cummings)

A portion of the meeting was set aside to discuss event scheduling and staffing. Sue will circulate the schedules in advance of July 21st.


11. Memorabilia – (Ron McCubbin/Brad Martin)

Brad Martin reported that he still had not acquired the outstanding memorabilia from last year’s reunion committee chair but that he was planning a trip to Kitchener within the next week to acquire same. Scott Primeau and Dan Foster have confirmed that Avril Farmer has the Ron McCubbin stash and Avril has confirmed that she will arrange to drop it off at the Cummings residence in Chatham with the next week.


12. Master of Ceremonies – Banquet Program (Bob Ripley)

Bob Ripley (on behalf of he and Alex Moir) led a discussion as to the banquet program. The highlights are:


4pm - Doors Open.

6pm – MC’s Kick-Off and Dinner begins (1st 10 draw prizes awarded)

8pm – At Door Ticket Sales Begin.

8pm – MC’s kick off the Formal Program: (tentative)

- Honorary President Welcome (Paul Halinaty)

- Honorary Principal Address (Jim Noble)

- Alzheimer’s Society Presentation (Chris Foster)

- (next 10 draw prizes awarded)

- Organizing Committee Chair Closing Comments (Scott Primeau)

9pm – “Friends” are introduced by Scott Primeau

11pm – Barbeque lunch

1am – The load-out begins….

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