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Tecumseh SS Reunion – Committee Meeting Minutes


Date:              Saturday, June 18, 2011 at Scott and Lori Primeau’s Summer House in Erie Beach - 2:00 PM


Present:        Sue Cummings, Chris Foster, Peter Stanojevic, Scott Primeau, Mike Alexander, Cheri Emrich, Andy Ramsz, Mark Delanghe

Next Meeting:   To be determined - Estimated date - July 9


Agenda & Discussion Notes


 Financial Report: (Sue Cummings)

  • Projected expenses to date $15,366 which includes catering costs for paid alumnus only

  • Have $13,626 (plus $850 advertising money brought in at the meeting) = $14,476 in the bank now (less program printing costs)

  • 194 paid attendees to date

Fundraising Report: (Chris Foster)

  • Have received about $2500 to date (less $1100 printing costs)

  • Maple City Bakery is donating a cake which Chris suggested we give a free ad in lieu of

  • We need some logos

Prize Committee Report: (Sue Cummings)

  • The list of prizes was acknowledged, and it was agreed that some of the larger donations will be raffled

Wrist Bands: (Scott Primeau)

  • Blue wrist bands will be for all weekend, white will be for Saturday only and lime green will be event specific  and will be a single use type band (for Friday night and possibly Saturday after 9PM)

  • ticket sales to officially end on June 30

  • if a dance only agenda is determined,  it will be open to non alumnus

Decorating Committee: (Cheri Emrich)

  • Waiting for more final attendance numbers to determine décor, but it was decided we need to start with some items irregardless of attendance

  • It may be an option to have the static car display inside which could change the layout

  • Need to get in on Friday which should not be a problem and we need volunteers

Basketball: (Mike Alexander)

  • Have 3 players now, will have to draft at least 7 more to have a bare minimum of 2 teams, late Saturday AM for game times

  • It was asked if we need EMS, it was decided to check with St. John’s Ambulance to see if they provide service for these types of events, it was also suggested that we have alumnus whom are doctors - Subsequently, Dr. Dave Colby was consulted and he indicated that we have sufficient trained personnel available for any medical emergencies.

  • The need for referees was brought up, Mike was going to inquire.


  • It was decided that does not appear that this will happen, due to lack of interest from registered attendees.


  • It has been decided that MC duties will be shared by Alex Moir and Bob Ripley.  They have both agreed to the roles.

Plaque Dedication Ceremony: (Peter Stanojevic) 

  • Event will take place at the front doors to the school at 2PM on Saturday

  • Ceremony should be held to 30 – 45 minutes total

  • Will start with the town crier George Simms followed by the singing of the national anthem

  • Cheri Emrich will MC

  • Peter Stanojevic will do the address

  • Cindy Waddick will do the musical selections and this has been confirmed by Cindy

  • Jim Noble to do the unveiling

  • Dignitaries to be invited include: Mayor Randy Hope, school board superintendant Jim Costello, MP  Dave VanKesteren, and MPP Pat Hoy

Food at School: (Scott Primeau)

  • 11AM to 2:00PM

  • All is in place for supply and distribution

  • Alzheimers have been contacted and will staff the hotdog and hamburger station

  • Schinkel’s have given a donation of meat at their cost

  • Water/pop to be available (Don Morrow –Coke to be contacted)

  • Munchies available at school (Rob McClatchey will bake cookies for this)

Saturday Night Program: 

  • Let Bob and Alex design the program

  • There will be a totem pole acknowledgement

  • Paul Halinaty will be asked to do the Prime Minister’s speech

  • Principal  Jim Noble will be invited to speak

  • Possible last minute agenda item to include the Alzheimer’s group for a donation

Raffle License: 

  • Chris Foster to acquire, if needed

Static Car Display:

  • Is still on


  • It was suggested that we come up with a hard copy list of volunteers with time commitments for each


  • It has been decided to drop Sunday from our event schedule

Meeting adjourned at 5:45 PM

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