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Tecumseh SS Reunion – Committee Meeting Minutes


Date:              Saturday, May 7, 2011 at London ON


Present:        Scott Primeau, Janice Lally, Sue Cummings, Cheri Emrich, Andy Ramsz, Jim King, Chris Foster, Tom O’Brien, Sue Eagleson, Dan Foster.

Next Meeting:   Saturday June 18th


Agenda & Discussion Notes


1.     Commemorative Plaque

Mike Alexander proposed via email that the word “dedicated” to replace “erected” on the plaque.  A discussion ensued and it was resolved to authorize Scott Primeau to advise Peter to make the change if possible.


2.     Master of Ceremonies

Mike Alexander also proposed via email that while Bob Ripley agreed to back us up if needed, that the committee approach Alex Moir to MC the event which Scott Primeau has agreed to do.


3.     Treasurer’s Report

Sue Cummings tabled several documents:  the current budget ($9371 plus $30 per head for dinner), actual ticket sales by class (130 for a total of $9261) and a current profitability projection (breakeven at 250).  She also noted two awesome donations of $500 dollars each from Andy Ramsz and Jim King (TekSavvy). 


4.     School Booking

As reported in the previous minutes, Scott has reported that application required for use of the school July 22-23rd has been submitted.  Based on the fact that we are a non-profit organization we will be afforded rebates which will all but eliminate the normal fees (~$1-2K) provided we submit a notarized declaration and profit/loss statement.  Cheri asked to review the documents as she was surprised by the requirement (subsequently distributed May 9th) and will advise.  Jim also offered his assistance if required.  Scott will BF with Cheri for May 15th as it is important to get the document in ASAP so as not to jeopardize the grant.

Scott also reported that we will be obtaining the insurance through the school board, including an additional stipend relating to sporting events being held on site.


5.     Muscle Car Display

It was clarified that RM is not directly involved and that this is primarily being arranged through the local car club.


6.     Commemorative Program – Charity Fund

Chris Foster reported that he has verbal commitments for $2125 in advertising space for our program.  Sue confirmed that she has received $375 in cash donations to date from Tom Starks efforts.  Design efforts are underway but we await confirmation from Randa as to whether she can get Union Gas to donate printing costs.  Chris was authorized to proceed with other arrangement for printing as he sees fit if Randa cannot confirm by May 20th.  Committee members with printing connections were asked to send Chris their contact info/quotes to Chris


As promised at the last meeting, Scott Primeau conducted an email poll and the Alzheimer’s Society of Chatham-Kent was established as our charity of choice.  It was agreed that we would approach them to see how they might support our fund-raising efforts.


7.     Decorating Committee

Cheri Emrich and Sue Cummings tabled a budget and the committee asked Sue to add $1000 to the overall budget estimate, plus another $200 for table cloths.


8.     Kinsmen Auditorium

There was some questions to whether the Special Occasion permit is in place for the 23rd.  Chris will approach Tony McPhail of Players club to enquire whether he has made the application (including advising Kinsmen staff) and whether he has arranged for the security as promised.  He will also ask for the contact info for the Molson rep.


9.     Poster Proposal

Will McGarvey asked us to give him some direction as the wording for the poster.  A brain-storming session was held and Dan agreed to moderate an email exchange to be finalized by May 15th.     


10. Alumni Basketball / Volleyball Games

Mike Alexander writes that while he is still in the process of contacting interested players, we have 10+ players to date.  Mike placed a message on Facebook which Scott will use for his next newsletter. 


Randa has not yet provided an update on the Volleyball tourney to be held at Players Club, although Sue indicates 11 people has indicated an interest based on activity list submissions.


11. Raffles and Door Prizes

Janice Lally provided the following list of items gleaned to date:


  •    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Headliner membership package

·        Municipality of Chatham-Kent – golf shirt, tool kit, "Exposed" (pictorial) book of Chatham-Kent,  canvas bag

·        Bell Canada – golf shirts, hat

·        Liquidation World – golf shirt, candy dish

·        Janice Lally – golf bag, golf shirts

·        Capitol Theatre – two smoke alarms

·        CK Tickets – two $50.00 gift certificates

·        Sue Cummings – rolling cooler, mobile phone Bluetooth

·        Caesars Windsor – Hotel/Show Ticket package (show of their choice)

·        Holiday Inn Express – complimentary stay in a two room Jacuzzi King Suite

·        Retro Suites Hotel - $20.00 gift certificate; two passes to RM Auto Restoration and Museum

·        Economic Development Dept. – two “Welcome C-K” gift baskets

·        Kiwanis Theatre - two - 3-play package for 2012 season

·        Union Gas Ltd. – TBD

·        Roman Bardyla – two Avon gift baskets

·        Canada Post - Fergie Jenkins Postage Stamp Billboard


A discussion has held as to the disposition of the prizes (giveaways, raffles, silent auction, etc) and Janice agreed to put together a proposal for the next meeting.  It was also agreed that those doing ticket sales calls should direct offers of gift donations to Janice.


12. Ticket Sales (Deadline:  June 30th)

Jim suggested linking the website sales page to the registration page.  Scott will investigate.  A discussion about offering a dance-only option was discussed and rejected.  Non-Tecumseh members will be encouraged to bring a Tecumseh alumnus; however, they will not be refused a ticket.


A review of the call effort results to date was done.  The following alumni have committed to lead this effort as follows:

1970                      Paul Halinaty (delayed for personal reasons)


1972                      Janice Lally (getting organized with assistance from Andy Ramsz)

1973                      Cherie Emrich (getting organized)

1974                      Mike Alexander (TBD)

1975                      Dan Foster (starting calls next week)

1976                      Dan Foster (10 calls to complete)

1977                      Mark Delanghe (with Tom O’Brien)

1978                      Sue Cummings (Chatham-Kent alumni)

1979                      Sue Cummings (Chatham-Kent alumni)

1980’s         Jim King offered to help.


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