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Tecumseh SS Reunion – Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Saturday, April 16, 2011 at London ON


Present: Scott Primeau, Janice Lally, Sue Cummings, Cheri Emrich, Bob Ripley, Mark Delanghe, Chris Foster, Mike Alexander, Dan Foster.

Next Meeting: Saturday May 7th


Agenda & Discussion Notes


1. Commemorative Plaque

It was reported the dedication plaque has been ordered by Peter Stanojevic at a cost of $2000 plus GST. Installation is included. Peter will work with Dave Colby to finalize the necessary installation permits. Discussion regarding the dedication programme was deferred to a future meeting.


2. School Booking

The application required for use of the school July 22-23rd has been submitted. Based on the fact that we are a non-profit organization we will be afforded rebates which will all but eliminate the normal fees. Ray McFadden will provide the committee with an estimate for insurance costs as soon as 2011 rates are published.


3. Muscle Car Display

RM has offered to arrange for a muscle car display in the parking lot of the Kinsmen Auditorium on July 23rd at no cost to the committee. Scott Primeau will contact RM in mid-may to confirm.


4. Commemorative Program – Charity Fund

Chris Foster reported that he has verbal commitments for $1800 in advertising space for our program. He advised the committee that he was getting enquiries as to the charity of choice. Several charities were proposed by those in attendance, however, it was agreed that since a number of committee members were not present, Scott Primeau would conduct an email poll and publish the results without delay so as to aid the fund-raising efforts.


Chris also reported that Schinkels Meats has offered to donate hamburgers and hotdogs for barbeque fund-raisers in the past.  He has agreed to approach Shinkels regarding our fundraising hamburger and hotdog sale at the school on Friday and Saturday to see if they are willing to support this cause equally.

It was agreed that we would approach the charity of choice to see if they might co-ordinate this activity.


5. Financial Report

Sue Cummings tabled a detailed breakdown of ticket sales and participation. 114 tickets have been sold to date. Coupled with donations, she reported a total of $8500 in the bank (including a $1000 seed funding loan). Disbursements to date have been limited to ~ $800 in deposits paid to secure Kinsmen Auditorium, Brownie’s Catering and the Capital Theatre. Break-even based on current budgets tabled is 240 tickets.


6. Decorating Committee

Cherie Emrich and Sue Cummings will be assembling this committee and they will ensure that a budget is prepared and presented for committee approval.


7. Poster Proposal

Class of 1971 alumnus and artist Will McGarvey has offered to create a poster based on original artwork based on our event. Some examples of his work were displayed and given his experience in this medium, he estimates we could get 1000 posters printed at a cost of at 80-85 cents per poster. The committee agreed to the commission and will budget accordingly. Scott was asked to enquire as to whether Will would be willing to donate the original for auction.


8. Alumni Basketball Game

Mike Alexander is still in the process of contacting interested players. Sue Cummings will send Mike the list of those who expressed interest through the registration survey. Mike will also formalize the concept and provide Scott with a blurb for one of his weekly newsletters as well as budget for approval by the committee.


9. Raffles and Door Prizes

Janice Lally came bearing many great door prizes gleaned from her many contacts and was immediately acclaimed as the chair of this new committee…welcome Janice, and many thanks! She will co-ordinate her activity with Chris Foster and Tom Starks to ensure they present a single point of contact approach to potential donors. Scott will also highlight this activity in his next newsletter.


10. Volunteer List

A list of alumni who have volunteered to do “whatever” was tabled. Chairs are encouraged to enlist these folks to help with their committees.


11. Call Lists

Scott tabled a list of names and phone numbers of Alumni identified to date. The committee agreed to attempt to call everyone on this list (including those who have already purchased tickets) to get them to: (a) commit to buying their tickets now, (b) provide contact information on those alumni we do not currently have in our database and (c) to help us by making contact with their circle of friends to increase tickets sales and overall excitement.


The following alumni have committed to lead this effort as follows:

1970 Paul Halinaty

1971 Paul Hailnaty

1972 Janice Lally

1973 Cherie Emrich

1974 Mike Alexander

1975 Dan Foster

1976 Dan Foster (90% complete)

1977 Mark Delanghe (with Tom O’Brien?)

1978 Sue Cummings (Chatham-Kent alumni)

1979 Sue Cummings (Chatham-Kent alumni)

1980’s TBD (Chris Foster will provide more contact info)


12. Master of Ceremonies

Following a discussion of potential MCs, Scott Primeau nominated Bob Ripley who agreed to throw his name in the hat. Thanks Bob!


13. Facebook Participation/Newsletter Snippets

Everyone was reminded that their participation in the Facebook page is encouraged and appreciated. Committee chairs are also encouraged to provide Scott with updates for the weekly newsletter.

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