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(Jan 8, 2006)

It has been some time since the last time we communicated and I must confess that when we let our plans drop last time, I was deeply disappointed, however it seemed that the timing was just not working for a number of people.  Because of a funny but fortunate mess up in her emails, Penny Morris found herself replying to an email sent to her back in 2001.  She wondered what ever became of the reunion that we were busy planning...
When I received her broadcast reply, it set me to thinking about our abandoned plans and how excited I was at the prospect of getting our class back together to share memories and reconnect with our friends from the past.
I responded to her email and it struck up a discussion that resulted in the resurrection of our plans for a class reunion, this time for our 30th, and we decided that if we did not do it this time, it would likely never happen.  Penny agreed to help to form a committee that would actually meet and really plan stuff and other tangible things....
After that, I contacted Dan Foster, who was very active in our previous plans.  He expressed an eagerness to help and told me that it was uncanny that I would call him when I did, since he had just spent a 6 hour drive working out ideas on how to jumpstart the reunion plans and had planned on calling me the next day.
Now we had three! 
I then called Paul Halinaty, who many had assumed dropped of the earth suddenly when he found himself forced to abandon his efforts, due to great demands on his time.  He was as excited about the idea as the rest of us and now we were four!
I have received an email from Dan, telling me that Janis Huscroft is willing to become part of the committee and Penny tells me that Andy Scheibli has interest in participating in the planning committee.  So now we are six!
This time we mean it!  We cannot let this year go by without getting together, whether we have a great gathering of all who attended our class, or just a small get-together of a few who feel like I do, that there were no times like those times, when we had little responsibility and we were 10 feet tall and bulletproof!
Our initial response to our probing contacts has been positive, however there are a number of people who's contact information is no longer valid.  If you have any updated contact information for people who would be part of our class, please forward them on to us.
We have set up a website that will be up and running by tomorrow.  The address is www.tecumsehreunion.com .  It is, at the moment, set up as a discussion site to entice people to contribute to the effort.  The site is not much at the moment, however we will be working to add features and images as people contribute.  The format may change as time goes on, but it is what I could slap together in the few minutes I had to do it.
We are encouraging people to send pictures that we will post on the site.  You can send them to tecumsehreunion@primeaumusic.com .  Please visit the site and add your comments AND contact info to the site so we can keep you updated on our plans. 
If you are interested in participating in the planning committee, we would love to have you!  Please contact anyone on the planning committee, as listed above and we will be happy to include you and make you aware of meetings that we are having.  Our first meeting is tentatively planned for Feb 25.
I hope you can get excited about this and we really hope that you will participate and encourage others that you know in our class to participate.  A reunion is a tremendous amount of work to put together and the measure of success is in participation.

I would like to think that the efforts of those who will go to the effort of putting this together for you will be rewarded by at least your attendance, if nothing else.  We were a group of kids that more or less grew up together.  We went our separate ways and many of us lost contact with each other, but I know that there has to be a place in your heart that can take you back to some happy memories of those times at Tecumseh, whether it was the Tea Dances, Football or Basketball games, Red Feather activities or just hanging in the Grad Room!

Scott Primeau

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