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What have you done since leaving Tecumseh?
Here are some of the accomplishments of our classmates.  Please send your bio to tecumsehreunion@primeaumusic.com

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Paul Halinaty

Life so far, 2006: 

-         Graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in Engineering Physics

-         At the start of my second year of university I had an attack of acute pancreatitis.  After late night emergency surgery to remove part of my pancreas, I was given a 15% chance of surviving.  After 6 weeks in the hospital and receiving last rites twice, I walked out under my own power, but I have a major league scar to remind me to get my priorities right; health, family, everything else.

-         Lesley and I have been married and living in Whitby, Ontario for about 21 years now.

-         2 kids: Erin, 16, is in grade 10 and Graham, 13, is in grade 7

-         Everyone is musical but me.  Lesley and Erin sing in local choirs, Erin plays piano, flute and guitar, Graham plays piano and oboe.  I pay the bills and applaud loudly.

-         2 dogs, 2 cats, a rabbit, a bird, 3 geckos, 8 tree frogs, assorted fish and a mortgage.

-         I have worked for Atomic Energy of Canada (designing nuclear reactor shut down systems), Alcatel Canada (designing the safety systems for driverless transit systems; you still want to ride the Scarborough RT or Vancouver Skytrain?) and Motorola Canada Ltd.  I am the inventor or co-inventor on three patents.

-         Lesley teaches grade 2.  I have been with Motorola for about 18 years and am the Senior Resource Manager at Motorola’s Toronto Design Centre.  That means I pretend to manage a rabble of engineers in Toronto and several other sites around the world.

-         My job with Motorola has taken me around the world: walked on the Great Wall in China, toured through the Forbidden City in Beijing, ate sushi in Tokyo, have ridden the London underground, walked up the Eiffel Tower (the elevator is for wimps), drank good beer in Germany, watched the sunset on Malibu beach, ate caribou sausages for breakfast in Alaska, and have visited most major North American cities.  Still working on getting to Africa.

-         Still playing basketball once a week although very badly.

-         Midlife Crisis; in the summer of 2004, Lesley and I took a walking holiday along the southern coast of Cornwall, England.  We walked over 80 miles in 7 days.

-         My parents are still in Chatham. 

How’s that for a quick summary of the last 30 years or so.

Brian Irving Currently I am a Senior Supplier Quality Engineer Accessories Sourcing Sony Ericsson based in Lund, Sweden.

For the record I do not drive a Volvo (too damn expensive) but I do enjoy Abba, Absolut vodka and meatballs.
The Life of Brian...so far
1980    University of Western Ontario    -    Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)
1983    University of Windsor  -  Honours Bachelor of Commerce
 After graduating high school I eagerly entered the real world still not knowing what I wanted to accomplish. After a couple of summers of working in factories to pay my university I realized the one thing I didn't want to do is be a factory worker.  There had to be more to life than going to work and turning off your brain even if the money was really great. The dilemma was trying to decide what I wanted to do and that one is still a work in progress. After many years working in the Quality Assurance functions around Southwestern Ontario I was finally clear of my student debt and had reached the position of Quality Manager.  Early 1998 I decided to move to Sweden and within a year started working for Ericsson consumer products division. Later, this division merged with Sony's Mobile division to create Sony Ericsson.  This was the best decision I have ever made as the lifestyle in Sweden and the job are great. Lots of traveling to interesting places and meeting interesting people.
Lessons Learned
1) Don't believe everything you read or see in the media.
2) Be willing to try new things
3) If you ate something and enjoyed it...don't ask what it was. (Especially true in Asia)
4) You can survive in most countries by knowing how to say these 3 things in the local language: 1) Hello , 2) Thank You and 3) One Beer.
Thing I remember most about Tecumseh
SOHCAHTOA.  For some strange reason this has come in handy at University and at work. Thank you Mrs. Stevens.
Brian Drombolis Hello from The Great White North After leaving a promising career @ International Harvester and a brief stay @King Grain I decided to use my brain and go back to school.

I`ve been a nurse up here in our intensive care unit for the past 20 years as well as teaching post r.n. programs for the university and hospital.
Cheri (Travis) Emrich Graduated from St. Clair College Windsor in 1978 with a diploma in Legal Administration.

Worked for Harold O'Brien (yes Kevin's father) for almost 10 years.

Married Walt Emrich (CKSS) in 1984. Had their first child, a daughter Lauren Marie 1n 1985 and a son Jordan Wayne in 1988. I was lucky to be a stay at home Mom for a while.

We moved to Port Stanley so Walt could be closer to his work at Freightliner in St. Thomas 1n 1993.

I went back to work in 1994, and have worked full time for the Ministry of the Attorney General in the Courts Administration Department. (Yes I get the hear all the juicy cases). I am currently working in the Criminal Court Division.

Lauren (20)is on a full scholarship to South Carolina State University (2nd year) as she is an accomplished woman's soccer player.

Jordan (17) is in Grade 12 at Parkside Collegiate, St.Thomas.

Sue Walczak I have been Sue Cummings for the past 25 1/2 years, married Jim Cummings in 1980. Yes, the Jim Cummings from Tecumseh.

After graduation, I left for McMaster University and stayed there for just 1 year, transferred to Brock U where I finished my B of Arts then went to Teacher's College there, while Jim got his Honours in Psychology.

We came home to Chatham where Jim got a job right away at Southwestern Regional Centre, got married that summer and I also landed a job with The Kent County Board of Education.

Our first son was born, James Christopher Cummings in Feb. 1982. But he goes by Chris. At that time, I was teaching grade 3 in Blenheim and we lived in a cute little house on the lake.

Those "early years" of a new marriage, new career, buying our first home were tough but I we're glad now for everything we have accomplished!

Our second son didn't come until 6 years later, Jacob Joseph. The 2 of them, Chris and Jacob have filled our lives in very different ways, both being very different personalities and interests. Jacob is our athletic one and Chris has his strengths in all types of technology and scuba diving.

This year will be amazing! We are traveling to Hawaii with our son Jacob, and 34 others from CKSS for volleyball, Chris and his fiancee are getting married in September , we are moving to a new home, and our reunion is now planned for August.

I have now been teaching for 26 years, mostly grade 3. I`ve been at Gregory Drive Public School for several years now and Jim is still at SWRC.

We are REALLY looking forward to the reunion and rekindling friendships and memories with all the great people we shared our highschool years with!

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